6 Actresses That Have Scandalous Pictures On The Net

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6 Actresses That Have Scandalous Pictures On The Net

                Being a celebrity is something that makes you stand in the sights of millions of people. Sometimes, this can be very embarrassing, at other times, you may be a victim of certain embarrassing situations.

In this opportunity, we will talk about the six actresses who among many others, have scandalous images on the net. These girls were victims of Cyber ​​delinquents (many people love them for this), who managed to access their mobile or portable devices, filtering the most intimate photos of the following famous. Let's not waste any more time and let's see:

Vanessa Anne Hudgens

She is an American actress, model, songwriter and designer. Vanessa Hudgens achieved her highest artistic recognition by playing Gabriella Montezen at High School Musical in 2006, which earned her a number of nominations for the Teen Choice Awards and the Emmy Awards.

She currently has a relationship with actor Austin Butler. The former Disney star was one of those first and most striking cases, so much so, who staged one of the most scandalous records of attacks on social networks, as her photographs were leaked shortly after participating in the musical series High School Musical. For many, with it she began all this movement.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Known simply as Rihanna, she is a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, model, dancer, philanthropist, fashion designer and businessperson from Barbados Island. In 2012, the singer caused a furor in social networks after the diffusion of an image of her where she is seen posing totally as God brought her to the world.

This was shocking for social media, as many who did not know her, could see her in first person, if you know what I mean.


Demetria Devonne “Demi” Lovato

She is an American actress, singer and songwriter, she is the founder along with Nick Jonas, of label Safehouse Records.

This other Disney star, was one of the most affected by the Hackers, because they were filtered photos in which she appears of the most romantic in different positions with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, without thinking before (that the hackers could get the photos) that this could happen.


Jennette McCurdy

She is an American actress, singer and songwriter, known for starring in the Nickelodeon series, iCarly and Sam & Cat in the role of Sam Puckett.

By March 2014, very intimate photos of this star were filtered in the social networks, which is well-known by the famous series of iCarly, in which it interpreted the paper of Sam.

In the photos filtered, she appears in underwear, where it is presumed that these photos had been sent to her former partner Andre Drummond. Unfortunately, (for her) the images ended up being of the fanatics (for these was not so bad).


Selena Marie Gómez

She is an American actress, television producer, singer, songwriter, philanthropist and fashion designer. In August 2014, a subject placed some images of this famous actress and model Selena Gomez.

Photos that according to singer's mobile, it was she. Although many thought it was not her, the images have certain physical characteristics that would be the same as those of the singer (we leave it to your imagination).


Ariana Grande

She is an American actress, singer, model, and philanthropist. In 2008, she joined the musical Thirteen on Broadway, where she played Charlotte's character. This allowed her to obtain the first of many other awards in her artistic career, when the National Youth Theater Association awarded her with the award for best supporting actress, for her remarkable performance in the musical.

You can see the girl posing sexy (in profile) in one of the images that were filtered. Although the singer today has been in thousands of interviews denying this case, the resemblance is too much (come on).

Many fans who has the former star of Nickelodeon, have expressed in social networks that undoubtedly is about Ariana and that the photo was not manipulated, because the features of face, skin tone, and the dimensions of her body fit perfectly with those of the young singer (there is no escape baby).

Well, knowing all this, we can notice that not even these stars in the entertainment world can hide from Cyber ​​Hackers. Although mobile devices they can have, (they can be the most expensive) they all have some flaw and end up causing episodes like these.

We hope you will not be like these stars who have taken photos of their privacy and have been discovered to their misfortune. Leave us your comment on the subject, tell us if you liked the content we have written for you this time, and tell us what would you do if this happened to you?

6 Actresses That Have Scandalous Pictures On The Net

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