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10 Absurd Apps That You Don’t Know Existed

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In the world, billions of applications are created annually for mobile devices; many of them make our lives a little easier; others only allow calls and messages. Others only serve to “pass the time”, while others only serve to make room on your device.

On this occasion, we will be present 10 absurd applications that you did not know existed.

#1 Confession

Confession App

It is an app created to help Catholics confess their sins to God without having to go to church and talk to a priest. Within the application, you can choose the sins you have committed, and it tells you the penance for your bad deeds.

Obviously, the church did not agree with this, for them this was just blasphemy, curiously a few months later; an application called confession came out. This one is authorized by the church, but it has a value of $ 1.99.

#2 Honey it´s me

Honey it´s me App

This application would help men not to feel so “alone”. It is a virtual girlfriend on your mobile device. It is designed to send four messages in the form of a video call, which contain phrases of love.

The most incredible thing is that the application only hours after 80,000 people downloaded its premiere.

#3 Baby Shaker

Although this was withdrawn just two days after its release, it was one of the most absurd. It challenged the user to shake his mobile device until a baby’s crying stopped.

The only way to win was to make the phone shake so much that it made two red crosses appear in the eyes of the baby, which implied that the baby was silent because he had died.

#4 Pimple Popper

Pimple Popper App

If you are one of those people who has never had a pimple and you wanted to know what it feels like to remove one, this application is ideal for you. Teaches you how to squeeze all kinds of impurities from the skin, from pimples to blackheads.

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You need to be very careful, because it can explode and fill your screen with disgusting things.

#5 I voodoo

I voodoo App

In this application, you can make your own voodoo doll and place the image of the person you want, either to wish good, or evil.

They give you a list of different pins to nail, each color has a meaning, some are positive, and others negative, it is very disturbing.

#6 Places I’ve Pooped

This is just a social network where you can mark all those places where you have pooped before on a map.

Within the application, you can also share information with your friends, so everyone will find out about your favorite places to go to the bathroom. It is out of service right now.

#7 Hold the button

Hold the button App

Its purpose is to measure the time you can keep your finger stuck to the screen of your mobile device. Yes, you read well; as absurd as it may seem, this is the reality of this game.

Within the game, the user is rewarded who spends the most time stuck to their phone, so if you have a lot of time and you have nothing to do, try it.

#8 Kiss the lips

 Kiss the lips App

It is an app created with the purpose of knowing how well you kiss. It’s funny, because you have to kiss your mobile screen and seconds later, the application will automatically tell you how well you kiss, and how to improve your kissing technique.

#9 Fake call

Fake call App

Can you imagine being somewhere you do not want to be, or you’re bored and want to leave? Well it is possible; Fake Call is an application that simulates a call.

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This allows you to edit a fake profile minutes before, with names and everything else, and when you add the time, you’ll be ready for your phone to ring automatically, so you can get out of the hassle you’re in.

#10 Watermelon Prober

Watermelon Prober  App

It is an application designed specifically to know if your watermelon is at the ideal point to eat it. You just have to bring the watermelon to the screen and give it a few taps, it will automatically tell you if it is ready to be eaten or not.

These are the most absurd applications from our point of view. We hope that this article is to your liking. If you think we missed some other application, let us know in the comments. See you soon.

10 Absurd Apps That You Don’t Know Existed

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