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10 Anti-Gravity Sites On Earth

Anti-Gravity Sites On Earth

The force of gravitation, that binds us all. Gravitational force is attractive in nature.

Every object in the universe is attracting every other object.

The universal gravitation equation:

F=G* Mm/(r^2),

Where ‘F’ is the force of gravity,

‘M’ and ‘m’ are the masses of objects that are attracting each other.

‘r’ is the distance between them.

Newton gave us the inverse law. Gravitation is the reason why we are pulled toward the Earth. It is an interesting fact that we are pulling the earth toward us too. But the force is proportional to masS. This is how we stay on the surface of Earth instead of floating.

But there are some mysterious places on Earth where this law is defied.

Let us look into these interesting places which defy the law of gravity:

1. Tulsishyam in Gujrat, India

At Tulsishyam, if you put your vehicle in the neutral gear, it still goes uphill at a speed of 20km per hour.

Tulsishyam is situated in Gir national forest Park in Gujarat and it is famous for 3,000 years old Krishna temple and houses of hot spring water known for its miraculous healing powers. Another reason it is famous is the anti-gravity area which is in fact the balancing out of gravitational forces in the region.

The real reason behind this is not that the Earth’s gravitational field is crooked. They are actually results of optical illusions due to structure of land on both sides of road. It looks that the cars and water is going uphill but in fact it is going downward like it should.

Some people believe that this is a supernatural occurrence.

2. The electric brae Ayrshire, Scotland

This also exhibits same phenomenon. A freewheeling vehicle seems to go uphill but it is actually an optical illusion.

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It was believed that the vehicle is being propelled by some mysterious magnetic force but it is merely an illusion.

Such places are called as gravity hills.

3. Mystery spot, Santa Cruz, California

This place was discovered by a group of surveyors in the year 1939 and later made public in 1940. All of their devices stopped working even though their tools worked just fine.

They claim that there is irregularity in the magnetic field in 150m of the circular area.

Hence, it was named as Mystery spot.

4. St. Ignace Mystery spot, Michigan

In the 300m circular area, certain weird phenomena have been seen by people. Even animals tend to stay away from the place.

People do a variety of tricks here like standing on a wall or sitting on a chair placed on the wall. If you stay here for long, your head seems to get lighter.

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This is said could happen due to lack of gravitational forces in the area.

5. Magnetic Hill of Ladakh

This can also be considered as one of the gravity hills.

The vehicles seem to go uphill for a 30km stretch from Leh toward Kargil even if you turn off the engine.

6. Confusion hill, California

It is also called as gravity house, a structure built to give tourists tilt-induced optical illusions.

7. Oregon vortex, Oregon

It is a major tourist attraction which was discovered in 1930. Strange phenomena are observed here. For instance, sticks appear to be standing on their own and people’s height seems to differ from where they are standing. The guides here claim that this happens due to varied forces that changes body’s molecular structure.

8. Magnetic hills, Black Rock, Australia

In southern part of Perbourough, if you come across a large red magnet sculpture with rusty bicycle stuck to it on the side of road, that’s where you enter the magnetic hills in Australia. This amazingly interesting place is also one of the gravity wheels. So you can turn your engine off and still roll uphill.

9. Cosmos mystery area, South Dakota

They claim it to be a place where science and mystery merge and bend its rules.

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It is one of the places that has been listed as an anti gravity site on Earth with no concrete explanation.

10. Zero-G, America

This isn’t a naturally occurring anti-gravity site. It is especially made for people like you and me to experience the zero gravity. Yes, it’s not just for the astronauts.

Zero-G provides around 15 parabolic turns each that lasts for about 20 to 20 seconds. The company’s modified Boeing version takes passengers up to 24,000 feet as they are pulled by 1.8g to experience zero gravity. It also offers weightless weddings to tie your knots in zero gravity.

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It is not for everyone as it might cause some effects on people with specific conditions. But people who love high roller coaster rides and want to enjoy the maximum weightlessness thrill should definitely try this one. Throughout the year this company offers the experience in various parts of the country. It was founded by a former astronaut and a NASA engineer together.

The world is a bizarre place. Science advances every day to explore and answer the mysterious questions that nature puts before us. Sometimes we find them. Sometimes we just have to look at the mysterious phenomena in awe and appreciate the intricacy of our vast universe.

10 Anti-Gravity Sites On Earth

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