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10 Best Festivals in the World to Add to Your World Travel Bucket List


Everywhere you go, around the globe, you will meet people who love to celebrate. You can bear me witness; festivals offer something for all of us.

Is there a better time to be in a foreign land than during festivals? Hell no! Festivals will help you explore new places and expose you to cultural practices that could be close to your own.

During festivals, local people are more likely to welcome everyone with open arms. Don’t you think so? Try this and you will enjoy the experience and the feeling.

You are now figuring out where you’ll tour during your vacation, right?

But before you tour the world, look at the bucket list of the world legendary festivals you’ll desire to be part of.

1. Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arguably, it is the most amazing festivals in the world. It is one sight that will stick in your mind and memory for a lifetime. Carnival in Rio is the biggest and well known, but Brazilians celebrate Carnival all over; before the Lent period in Easter.

You can be assured it is the world largest festivity. It holds over 2 million people daily for five days on the streets. Celebrating!

Its roots are found in the year 1723. Since then, it fills the atmosphere in Brazil with drum beats, music and wild uproar of the revelers.

The whole world gazes with admiration.

The festival has Samba dancers groove to the music, rotating in circles. It also has pounding drummers, adornment and giant mechanized floats that make it livelier.

You don’t want to miss this!

2. Holi Festival of Colours, India

Holi Festival of Colours, India

The festival is commonly celebrated in India, Pakistan and Nepal. It is a traditional festival of Hindus and is well known as the “festival of colours”. Others refer to it as the festival of love.

Just like the names, it is one of the colourful celebrations you don’t want to miss. Yeah, it is that colourful and full of love.

Celebrants smear each other powder or watercolours on their faces. They dance, eat and make merry. A celebration of togetherness and love makes everyone to rejoice and embrace each other with love.

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It takes place between the end of February and mid-night lasting for one night and a day that follows.

It starts with people performing religious rituals. And the celebration follows! Raging bonfire symbolizing cleansing and forgiveness at night and in the morning, wild free-for-all starts “Holi”.

3. La Tomatina, Bunol, Spain

La Tomatina, Bunol, Spain

Do you want to have a pure joy and fun? Watch or be part of the La Tomatina festival in Spain.

Sounds crazy right? It is as crazy as its name.

People have fun by throwing tomatoes everywhere. They target to hit each other for a couple of hours with tomatoes. But they do it purely for entertainment not to injure. Don’t be a jerk and ruin the celebration.

Seems crazy! You don’t have to miss this for the world. It is celebrated annually on the last Wednesday, in August.

4. Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain

The event, just like its title, you run in front of the giant Toro Bravo bulls. Running in front of breeds of cattle lasts for about 3 to 4 minutes. Crazy! Yeah, it is.

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It is exhilarating and enticing but it’ll raise your adrenaline levels, anyway. Whether you are running or watching.

It starts on the sixth of July and lasts for eight days. You’ll enjoy being part of this!

5. Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival

It’s commonly celebrated in Pingxi, Taiwan between February and March. Have you ever taken part? Nothing can be as amazing as the Lantern of Taiwan.

You’ll have a wonderful view of thousands of illuminating lantern floating and covering the dark skyline.

It attracts a minimum of 80,000 participants. And it’s among the most recognised festivals in Asia.

It was initially meant to be a celebration of warding off the evil. Today, lantern owners decorate them with their images and wishes. It’s magnificent!

6. Day of the Dead, Mexico

Day of the Dead, Mexico

You don’t want to miss this! Mexican celebrate the souls of their departed friends and relatives in an amazing way every 1st day of November.

Mexicans pray in commemoration of these souls.

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Participants use things that the deceased ones used to love in their life; favourite food and beverages. It is a three-day celebration. And people wear striking costumes.

They show their love to their dead friends and relatives by cleaning and decorating their graves. Be part of celebrants before you become subject. After crossing the other side, you know.

7. Snow and Ice Festival, Harbin China

The biggest world ice festival is celebrated in the month of January. Harbin Snow & Ice festival goes for a whole month. Nonstop celebration!

Participants enjoy ice statuary that could be as tall as 20 or more feet.

Do you want to enjoy one of the beautiful winter scenarios? Harbin Snow & Ice festival is the place to be!

People explore the amazing ice statuary, snowy castles and large ice figures. Isn’t beautiful?

The amazing work of art will make the whole experience memorable.

8. Oktoberfest


The celebration happens in Munich Germany. It starts from late September and lasts for 16 days to the first weekend of October. Oktoberfest is one of the world’s amazing celebrations. Note this; it attracts over 6 million participants worldwide.

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If you want to enjoy a moment with a bottle of Beer and a wonderful view of pretty girls? Don’t miss this!

Girls wear traditional Dirndl dress making the event look amazing.

9. Mardi Gras – New Orleans

Mardi Gras – New Orleans

Mardi Gras, the term used to mean ‘Fat Tuesday” and it’s celebrated every year before Lent. If you have an opportunity during this period, New Orleans, United States turns should be your next destination.

If you can party and dance for a whole day, “like there is no tomorrow”. And get up the following day to party, then I recommend for Mardi Gras.

The event lasts for 2 weeks. Yes, that long. You’ll enjoy your favourite krewes, masquerade balls and cake parties. Not forgetting, dancing all day long.

10. Balloon Festival

Balloon Festival

It is celebrated in Albuquerque, New Mexico and lasts for 9 days. Air balloon festival is the world largest and it’s used to commemorate the celebration of a 50th birthday for 770 KOB Radio.

It’s the event to watch out for. Over 500 balloons ascend to the skyline at a raw. It’s simply amazing.

Amazing legendary festivals, right? You really don’t want to miss at least one of the listed festivals. Take your chances and have great fun in either of the destinations. You won’t regret a dime.

10 Best Festivals in the World to Add to Your World Travel Bucket List


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