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10 Big Irritating Habits That Every Guy Hates

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Some extremely annoying habits are just but a put off to the special man in your life.

Men love their girlfriends, ‘unless she is a side chic’, but they can’t also withstand some annoying girlfriend habits.

Unfortunate as it sounds every girl has a few…if not all of these habits. Are you trying hard to avoid annoying girlfriend habits?

Read on and find out the most annoying behaviour that will piss off your boyfriend.

Avoid them and you will make your man happy and enjoy your companionship.

1. Sharing Your Relationship Problems with Others

girls talking relationship problems

Yes, we all agree that even the best relationship has its challenges. Ups and downs are expected in every relationship. At some point especially when young couples are facing problems in love, girlfriends tend to share their issues on WhatsApp, Facebook or tweets.

You need to understand that relationships challenges cannot be solved on social media platforms. Doing this will just but help you become an annoying girlfriend to your man.

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Did you know that most men are conservative with their private matters? They hate washing their dirty linen in public. I believe you are thinking like I am, right?

What will happen if you start exposing his messy affairs to the public?

But it’s not all ladies share their relationship issues in public. If you’re among the ones that do this, it’s high time you know. It’s just but a put-off and an annoying sweetheart habit.

2. Continue Talking When He Doesn’t Want to Talk

Weird! Yes. There are moments that the weird creatures ‘men’ want to be left alone. As hard as it is to accept, just let him be for a moment. Take this to the bank that no time will be lost.

He will come around! That space is of essence to him. You won’t even remember you experienced that awkward moment when he comes around.

He could be watching football; yeah some ladies hate this but don’t divert his attention. Don’t continue talking, he won’t listen to you. You will just be an annoying girlfriend to him.

A majority of men are not good at multitasking. When they are unwinding by playing games or watching football, they can’t solve any issue. If you try to use these moments to share relationship stuff with him, you will only irritate your guy.

His intention at that moment is to focus on whatever he is doing. Starting a conversation will only be another annoying girlfriend habit.

3. Leaving Him with a Hard on

Girlfriends do this often. It could be deliberate or not. Check this, “no guy really enjoys it”.

Men understand women love foreplay and to cuddle, but please guys also need help for his erection to go away. Leaving your man with a hard-on without a release after foreplay will disturb him.

For men, ensuring that he satisfies his erection is the best thing you can do for him in this situation. Otherwise, the whole thing will be annoying since you will leave him needing more. Why warm him up and then leave him to utilize other ways to satisfy his desires? Irritating girlfriend habits, right?

4. Limiting Him from Having His Space

couple limiting space

All men need own space in a relationship and this doesn’t imply they don’t love you. Your man will feel frustrated when his beautiful girlfriend doesn’t comprehend this and fails to realise the need to give him personal space.

Well, for you ladies, you might find it boring and unnecessary to invest in some alone time. Surprisingly, men love it for them to feel like a man.

Your man might be annoyed when you don’t give him space. So, how do I tell that my guy needs this space? By inquiring whether he needs help especially when he is doing something alone.

5. Irritating Girlfriend Denies Her Man a Calm moment

It goes without saying men love a few minutes to enjoy a calm time, though they don’t ask for it.

They appreciate quiet environments. You may often find your sweetheart gazing around, into space or ceilings. Observing nothing or lazing endlessly or senselessly.

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It’s awkward, right? Men love it anyway. You may talk to him, just to realise his mind has diverted. He probably is in a calm zone. The least you can do to avoid being an annoying girlfriend is to allow him to remain in his considerations.

6. When She Is Extremely Touchy with Others

A man can be irritated by his sweetheart being touchy with other men. It’s true that secure men are happy when their better-half enjoys the company of other men.

This means that they are not bothered when their beautiful ladies play with other men. However, his mind is set that you will always treat him as your hero and none other should take his place

Anything less, that won’t comb his ego, will make you an annoying sweetheart.

7. Asking Him Whether You Look Fat

Ladies do this repeatedly. But honestly, the habit is peculiar and pisses your guy off. It is wiser to use a mirror and a weighing scale to find out more about your body size.

You really don’t expect him to say you are fat, do you? “You aren’t fat my love” – that is the answer in every man’s lips.

Don’t wear different clothes and annoy him with a similar question repeatedly.

If you are not sure about how good you look it’s time to start doing simple exercises. Go to a gym. Workout and he will crave for your sexy body.

You won’t have to ask him, he will definitely comment on your new look. If you were fat sometime back, he’ll notice how great you have changed.

8. If You Don’t Understand His Interests

confused girls

Your man could be enthusiastic about a couple of things. Try to find out his interests to avoid being an annoying girlfriend.

Folks could have interests and passions that ladies seem not to understand. It could be in sports, guy time, or playing video games. They despise it when they are told by their girlfriends to man up.

Do you tell your guy to stop acting like a kid when he is enthusiastic about his interests? You are one step to becoming an irritating sweetheart.

He would instead love it when you try to understand his interest and spend time with him. That would make you his best girlfriend!

9. Constantly Trying to Change Him

It sucks! Don’t direct your energies to transforming him into something he doesn’t like. Men are happy when their better halves aim at transforming them. However, they loathe it when you push them to accomplish something they despise.

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It’s not okay at all. Just let them have their mind. Don’t push them too much to bring out the man you watch in romantic movies or read about in magazines.

It’s good to transform your man. Just don’t push him to avoid what he likes to achieve what he despises. It sucks!

10. Too Clingy Or Too Independent

It’s strange, right? Chaps love it when their sweethearts can find a middle ground. Not too clingy or autonomous.

Without moderation, you would come across him as an irritating girlfriend.

Many ladies need their boyfriends to be in their arms always. It could be when shopping or interacting with their ladies friends. Why do you have to make him go through such humiliation?

Others do everything alone. Be it fixing messes in the house or attending conferences. They don’t bother to call their boyfriend. It’s equally irritating.

The whole lot sounds tricky, right? It requires sacrifice and control to make a happy relationship. A slight mistake will take you an inch closer to an annoying girlfriend.

10 Big Irritating Habits That Every Guy Hates


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