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10 Interesting Alcohol Facts That May Prove Alcohol Isn’t As Bad As People Say It Is


Most people perceive alcohol as a negative element that affects the physical, mental, and social status of an individual. Some of the negative effects of excessive consumption of alcohol can include addiction, unseemly behavior, and even health problems.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting alcohol facts that shows that alcohol is not as bad as most people think.

1. It Can Increase Your Sex Drive

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This is great news especially for men as it reduces the rates of developing sexual dysfunction by at least 30%. Drinking can improve your libido and prevent erectile dysfunction. This interesting alcohol fact apply for both men and women. For women especially, wine can enhance their sexual desire.

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Studies have found that red wine can reduce impotency and improve your sexual performance. While this does not mean that you should be hitting the bottle regularly, an occasional glass of wine can help you improve your sexual drive.

2. It Reduces the Chance of Heart Disease


An interesting alcohol fact can actually help your cardiovascular system and lower the chances of you developing heart problems. Studies have found that modest amounts of alcohol can raise the amount of high-density lipoprotein.

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This ‘great’ cholesterol actually benefits the body in that it takes the cholesterol from other body parts and delivering them to the liver. The liver then gets rid of the cholesterol and therefore protects your heart.

3. Reduces Diabetes


Alcohol is a great deterrent to developing diabetes. In specific, a few glass of alcohol can stop the development of type II diabetes.

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However, you should proceed carefully by limiting your consumption to no more than one or two drinks. You should also avoid drinks that may contain high levels of sugar or on an empty stomach.

4. It Can Help You Lose Fat

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Alcohol can help you burn fat and therefore enhance your weight loss journey. Alcohol such as red wine contains some antioxidants that encourage the growth of good bacteria in the stomach. These antioxidants are known as polyphenols and can improve the digestion process.

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Your metabolism is also enhanced through these nutrients so that a glass of wine per day can actually help you to lose weight effectively. White wine is also beneficial in losing the weight process.

5. It Can Improve Memory

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This is a feature that may surprise you given that most of us have experienced a fuzzy night or two after consuming a large amount of alcohol. However, the grape skin in red wine actually contains a chemical compound called resveratrol that enhances the memory functions of the brain.

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A small amount of alcohol can benefit your memory but of course, too much alcohol can make you lose control of your mental functions.

6. It Can Enhance Your Creativity


The alcohol content can be very beneficial in stimulating your imagination and creativity. If you are having trouble with coming up with a unique idea or vision, then a glass of cranberry and vodka can help your mind become free and relaxed so that ideas flow more naturally.

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However, too much alcohol can also affect negatively by losing concentration. Just a moderate amount of alcohol is perfect for your creativity. Think about it this way, you can probably dance much better under the influence rather than when sober. So why not apply it to singing, writing, or even painting.

7. It Can Help You Cure Colds

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Alcohol can be a great fix for colds and sore throats. For example, whisky combined with some warm water can help to cure your sore throat. In addition, a modest amount of alcohol specifically wine has caused a 60% reduction in getting a cold due to the antioxidant properties.

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Another popular drink for curing colds is usually vodka especially when taken with some lime or lemon.

8. It Can Increase Your Mortality


While there is no comprehensive study on the effect of alcohol on the ageing process, some studies have shown that a glass of red wine per day can have health benefits of reducing the risk of heart disease, kidney problems, and even preventing diabetes.

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As such, alcohol can indirectly affect your mortality by reducing some of the health issues that are associated with age. In addition, people in regions where wine drinking is popular such as in Italy, people have a higher mortality rate than in areas where they do not.

9. Reduces the Risk of Stroke


One of the most interesting alcohol facts is that it can help prevent strokes. One of the interesting alcohol facts is that it can help prevent heart problems. In a similar way, alcohol can reduce the risks of ischemic stroke.

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This refers to where your arteries are blocked causing less blood flow to the brain. Alcohol causes the blood vessels to open up therefore reducing the chances of a stroke.

10. It is Great for Parties


Everyone knows that you cannot have a good party without some alcohol there to loosen up your guys.


It is evident that despite the challenges associated with alcohol consumption, these interesting alcohol facts show that consuming it in moderation can benefit your health.

10 Interesting Alcohol Facts That May Prove Alcohol Isn’t As Bad As People Say It Is

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