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10 Of The Best Places In The World You Must Visit In 2018

The world has become more prominent in 2018, and if you’re a serious traveller, you know that your visit wish list grows longer every year. You no longer jump every time you read or hear about a new place you’ve never been before. And what’s more figuring out how to tour the world is not an easy feat, particularly when you’re traveling on a budget, or bringing your family along.

When planning your trip, there are many factors to keep in mind including visa applications, what to wear and even health concerns in foreign countries. To help you get started, we’ve put together 10 of the best places in the world you must visit in 2018:

1. Turkey’s Turquoise Coast
A glittering blue seaboard that is soaked with sunshine, the coast of Turkey wouldn’t ordinarily feature anywhere in the glamour map of the world, but the 300-mile coastline unfurls like a glittering diamond between Antalya and Marmaris and is a hot destination for holidaymakers.

Turkey's Turquoise Coast

One of its biggest attractions is the fishing villages and budget resorts that line the coastline. British holidaymakers form one of the most substantial clientele and bookings are made throughout the year.

2. Valetta, Malta
Valetta, which was voted one of UNESCO world heritage city, is one of Mediterranean coastlines’ capital of culture and is a hotbed of European influences. Valetta is both a historical and artistic city. In 2018 alone, hundreds of events of all kinds are lined up and include opera, dance, art, food tasting, fireworks and music concerts.

Valetta, Malta

The city planners have been busy making preparations for this year’s events and have included extensive restorations, leaving palazzo and fortifications glowing. The tourist map has highlighted museums and other attractions including the St. Johns Cathedral and the new National Art Gallery with its bright interiors.

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Ancient hotels have been converted into new boutique destinations such as The Coleridge, Saint John, and Ursuline. More establishments are coming up including the modern boutique Iniala Harbour House – where a spectacular sea exhibition is lined up during the height of summer on June 7. 2018.

3. Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls
While many of us will travel thousands of kilometres to visit the game reserves of Africa, few of us pause to wonder about the vast attractions dished out by the African river formations. Victoria Falls is a small town in western Zimbabwe, and it acts as the gateway to the massive waterfalls. The Zambezi river in the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe is home to the world-famous Victoria Falls. This is an extraordinarily-large waterfall and attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls

Spanning one kilometre in length, this is the longest waterfall in the world at a height of more than 100 meters. The noise of the water falling can be heard more than 40 kilometres away while the spray of the falling waters rises to 400 meters. The local people call the rising spray mist “Mosi O Tunya” or “Smoke That Thunders“.

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The awe inspiring discovery was a disappointment of sorts to the Scottish discoverer, David Livingstone, who had come to preach Christianity to Africans. He considered the fear and stigma associated with the rising mists of the falls as a sign of evil forces that undermined his Christian message. Despite this drawback, he was fascinated by the stunning beauty of the falls and wrote that

“angels had arrived from heaven and were flying nearby admiring the falls.”

Victoria Falls is today a UNESCO heritage site, and people from Zambia and Zimbabwe no longer fear the smoke that thunders, and there are active plans to develop multi-million dollar tourist projects. Here are some highlights of a visit to Victoria Falls:

· Visit the neighbouring game reserves

· Go for cruises, sailing and water tours

· Go for white-water rafting

· Four-wheel drives, ATV, and Off-road tours

· Sunset cruises

· Visit the snake park

4. Cape Verde
What can you find on an island already blessed with incredible scenery and weather, especially where you see a mixture of African, Brazilian and Iberian influence and culture? The Cape Verde island is located some 550 kilometres from the coast of West Africa is an exotic tourist attraction.

Cape Verde

This is a place where you will encounter pristine beaches, incredible local culture and outdoor adventures competing to enthral visitors as they have since the 15th century when first discovered by Portuguese sailors.

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Cape Verde is well known for music that derives a heavy dose from all three of its mother cultures and has contributed enormously to the world beat. Despite its small population then, the island has evolved giving distinct music genres including morna, the national dance format.

5. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
This city sometimes referred to as the capital of Africa is a bustling hub of social, political and economic activity and home to world-renowned entities like the African Union, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Ethiopian people and its culture are deeply rooted and are reflected by its many churches, museums, and mosques.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Just because Addis does not feature prominently in the top list of most favoured travel destinations, it doesn’t mean you should not visit the place. In fact, this city of 4 million plus has much to show in it, and of course, the best opinions aren’t coming from thousands who travel or by hordes of tourists.

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For starters and when compared to other cities in East Africa, Addis Ababa is very safe. Yes. You read that right! A lot of people will warn you to be extremely careful in busy markets of Africa and other public areas, but violent crime and terrorism are unheard of in Addis. And this probably explains the reason the city has become a hub for peace missions.

If you’ve ever tasted Ethiopian food then you know it is a great cuisine whose staple, Injera bread is a must-have accompaniment.

6. Munich, Germany
The Octoberfest Beer Festival event that takes place in this German city is a major tourist attraction. It is the world’s largest folk festival, and you can tell this by the attire and large mugs of beer. The fancy clothing get them in the carnival mood and makes them down seven million litres of beer and other foods including wurst and pretzels.

Munich, Germany

For those not keen on partying, you can take a stroll around the Glockenbach district, a glitzy neighbourhood with smart shops and home to the city’s gay village. During summer, the area is a favourite hanging out as its surrounded by bars.

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You can also surf at the Englischer Garten park, but you have to be an experienced surfer to venture into the tricky waters. Fortunately, everyone can come along and watch the surfers during the summer months.

7. Giza, Egypt
The pyramids of Giza are part of the seven ancient wonders of the world and are a must-go visit. Dating back to around 2500 BC at one time were the tallest human-made structures in the world. The pyramids were constructed with such technology that even modern technology has been unable to replicate it.

Giza, Egypt

About 2.3 million stones were used to set it up, and each block weighs between 2 and 30 tons, and some even weigh 50 tons. The seat of the pyramid covers 56,000 meters square. The temperature inside the pyramid equals 20 degrees Celsius.

8. Grand Canyon, Arizona
Whether you view it from above by chopper, choose to walk around it, or take a boat ride, the Grand Canyon of Arizona is one of the U.S most breathtaking sights.

Formed 35 million years ago, the parent of the current Colorado river was diverted from its former route towards the Pacific Ocean. But the river’s new course now empty into the Gulf of Mexico.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The best time to visit the Grand Canyon is April to June as it is the ideal time to make of the rising summer temperatures before the bursts of rain and intense heat arrive. Between September and December are also good times if you’re looking to avoid the peak season crowds.

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The weather at the Grand Canyon can get to be unpredictable so be sure to pack warm clothes before setting out. You should remember to wear sunscreen during the summer months as the cool canyon breeze can hide the heat of the sun’s rays.

9. Easter Island, Chile
Easter Island is located in the South-eastern Pacific Ocean and is part of Chilean Territory. It is famous for its 880 monumental statues called MOAI. The original narrative credits the Rapa Nui tribesmen as the creators of the sculptures. They were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995.

Easter Island, Chile

The original inhabitants of the islands, Polynesians, arrived on Easter Island between 700 and 1000 CE. They invented a thriving and industrious culture based on stone carvings and other artefacts.

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This is one of the most isolated spots in the world and has a population of only 7700 residents.

The main airport is Mataveri International Airport.

10. Sochi, Russia
Sochi is a Russian city located on the Black Sea famous for its fabulous summer resorts. It was mostly missing on the world map until the Winter Olympics of 2014.

Sochi, Russia

The Russian Riviera, as tourists call it, is not as chilly as many brochures tend to state, but is quite temperate throughout most of the year and you can go swimming in later months of the year. The Riviera Park and Arboretum are some of the city’s most popular destinations. You can take a trip to the Caucasus Mountains for a skiing trip.

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10 Of The Best Places In The World You Must Visit In 2018


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