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10 Pieces Of Advice You Should Listen To If You Want To Succeed In Life

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There is a lot of advice to deal with in the world. From the most repetitive motherly advice to peer advice, we are surrounded with lots of advice from a young age. Eventually, you learn from life that success rarely comes to you without an effort. You need to get out of your comfort zone and fight for it. You also need to be persistent on your goals to increase the chances of reaching them.

Moreover, you need advice from professionals and experienced people whether it is in career, social, or religious life. Guidance is inevitable in life; actually, it is crucial for growth and development. Unless you are inventing, there is always someone who has gone through the process before and can help with directions.

Why is seeking advice important?

Although venturing on your own has the fulfillment at the end, it might not always be success. Also, you will encounter avoidable hurdles and waste time on the unnecessities. Here is why you need to seek advice.


An expert’s opinion helps you to avoid big mistakes. If you approach a business expert, for instance, and share your intention of expanding your business to international levels, advice is crucial in helping you navigate the challenges. You don’t have to make the same mistakes like previous entrepreneurs. Besides, some mistakes are irreversible; they will cripple your dream. There is a high chance of avoiding such with advice.

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Anyone that guides you with advice is a mentor. A mentor can make your dream come true. A mentor has a wider and longer view of your projections. Of course, you take advice from someone who has experience or expertise in your specific field of interest. Typically, mentors will base on practical examples to advice you. A mentor may also have useful contacts to boost your growth.

Work is done faster and effectively with professionals. Asking for advice saves you time. Time in the sense that an expert has experience and would take a shorter period to complete tasks. Also, sub-quality products need repetition to iron out mistakes hence wasting time. Advice does not mean leaving the tasks to someone else, it is seeking guidance through the process; consulting at every stage.


Guidance helps you keep on track and grow. Little disappointments and success in life can easily sway you. You have higher chances of remaining sober and focusing on your goals when working with a mentor.

Here are the 10 pieces of advice critical for success in life. Everyone needs this!

1. Define yourself. This is an essential to achievement of goals in life. You should know who you are. In Socrates words, “Know Thyself.” Self-knowledge involves defining your strengths, weakness, and goals. It is only after identifying these aspects will you start to grow.

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2. Be yourself. The best you can be with imitation is number two. We all have different abilities and paths in life; while we should emulate certain traits for success, imitation guarantees you frustration and failure. Actually, it is better to live perfectly in your imperfections other than perfect on someone else’s destiny. Besides success, there is happiness and fulfilment in living your own destiny.

3. Take time before making critical decisions in life. In fact, sleep on it. Some life decisions determine our destiny; it is wise to sober up and let the mind process and evaluate options before making the decision. Physical and emotional exhaustion impairs our judgement. You are better off making the decision after a good night sleep.

4. Working hard is inevitable for success in life. Of course, gifts and luck have their part in success but nothing beats hard work. You might need to sacrifice the easy life of smartphones and technology to focus on your goals.

5. Ignore what other people think about your dreams. Thinking of other people’s opinions often builds worry that derails you from your path to success. Most times, people’s opinions are distractions, ignore such and go for it.

work for it

6. Keep trying; you have a higher chance of getting what you need other than giving up. Success in life comes with a little effort. You have to step out and try. It may not materialize the first time but it will happen. Of course, you may not always get what you want in life but knowing you did your best is fulfilling.

7. Esteem yourself highly and nature will take its course. People will only believe in you if you have confidence in yourself. Rate yourself highly, improve in quality, and put in your best. If people brand you as a fanatic on this basis, you are on the right track to success. Be the best you can.

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8. Never give up in life. While loss is frustrating after giving your best, take it as an opportunity to build your skills and grow. Consistent aspirations attract success. Consistency is key.

9. Stop making excuses. Life has its challenges and everyone goes through them. It is nothing peculiar. Don’t coat laziness or lack of focus with excuses. Of course, there are legit reasons to failure but then there are excuses. Keep trying, fight, you will achieve.

10. Never eat lunch alone. You can always pick something beneficial from a friend or colleague to grow your business or career. There is always something to learn from someone.

10 Pieces Of Advice You Should Listen To If You Want To Succeed In Life

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