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10 Questions To Find Out If He’s The One


Marriage counsellors are reporting that too many discordant couples are failing to ask each other critical questions before rushing to tie the knot.

Here are a few crucial ones that they should consider asking:

1. Does he adore you?

Couple Adore

Beyond love, which is the key ingredient in a relationship, adoration comes next if you’re thinking of spending the remainder of your lives together. Devotion refers merely to worship the ground she walks on. You have little time for lukewarm love.

2. Can you confide in him?

Do you feel excited when you see him to tell him about the things that are going on in your life? Some girls do, others don’t. It’s important to trust someone with your secrets since it’s the best way to demonstrate that you value him.

3. Does he show you off?

If he is proud of you as his girlfriend, he will want you to feel how much he admires you and he can’t wait to let his friends know how much you mean to him. And this is a genuinely great sign that he could be the one.

4. Does he support you?

Couple Support

Things are not always smooth in a relationship. Support is crucial in both marriage and relationships. The world is rough, and you want to come home and find someone not only willing to listen, but also share your point of view.

5. Can he make you laugh?

You want to spend your life with a man who has the same sense of humour as yourself. Humour is the best tool to reveal aspects of a person’s personality.

6. Does he like kids?

Any man who passionately discusses children voluntarily and without unnecessary coercion is already half his way into a serious relationship that leads to the nuptials.

7. Does he pay his bills?

Couple Money

Do you have a clear idea of one another’s financial obligations and goals?

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Does your ideas about investing, spending and saving agree or clash?

8. How about your sexual needs, fears, and preferences?

Failing to discuss sexual needs, fears and preferences can only unearth unwanted and disturbing trends and traits in future.

9. How secure are our religious beliefs?

Do we have a clear grasp of each other spiritual needs and religious beliefs?

10. In-laws interference

Do we value and respect our parents on both sides? What shall we do when our in-laws interfere with our marriage?

Finally how do we plan to fight age which is inevitable and comes with its own challenges?

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10 Questions To Find Out If He’s The One

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