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10 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Your Children A Pet

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Prior to buying your kids the first pet, you should think about a variety of things that are related to pet ownership.

Children may be excited to have a pet, but are they ready to take care of a one? Do they understand the responsibilities that come with owning a pet?

If you want to add a pet to your family, these are some of the most important things you should consider.

1. Allergies


If your children have allergies, you’ll have to decide on the available options that can still allow you to buy a pet for your kids. For instance, you can decide to own a cat but avoid brushing it inside the house and keep it outside during the day.

In this case, the wind will help to blow the dander away and reduce allergens. Investing in an air cleaner will also help to remove the dust and dander from your home and reduce chances of allergic reactions.

2. Your family’s lifestyle
You do not want to bring a pet home and then it’s neglected. So, you have to find out if you have enough time to take care of the pet. If your children have a lot of extracurricular activities, they are likely to lack time to take care of the pet.

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You also have to ensure you can dedicate some time to help in cleaning and giving the pet adequate exercise.

3. How old are the children?
It is important to consider the level of your kids’ maturity. This will help you to know whether a pet will be the best choice for your children. Baby Center suggests that you should wait until your kid is about 3 to 4 years before bringing a pet into the family. Also, what benefit will the pet have to your children? Can the children help to take care of the pet? Getting kids a dog will teach them the importance of loyalty and exercise.

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Assess whether a child is responsible enough to help in taking care of the pet. ennany source explains that if your children can complete their school work without problems, then they are prepared to have a pet.

Children also behave differently and this may affect their relationship with a pet. A boisterous child is likely to scare a dog causing it to be nervous or bite.

4. Pet care costs
The pet will need veterinary care. You’ll also have to cover a wide range of other costs such as food, toys and grooming products.

So you have to find out how much you are prepared to spend up front and over the pet’s lifespan before you bring it home.

5. Kind of pet
Is a pet tolerant of touching and gentle with your kids? You have to choose a suitable pet for your kids. For example, for a first pet, you may need to look for a social pet that can have lively playtime.

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You may be looking for a low-maintenance pet. In such a case, you need to go for a hamster, gerbils or mice.

Furthermore, you need to consider the risks that a pet is likely to pose to your family. Keeping a reptile pet puts you at a risk of salmonella and cats and dogs might spread infections.

6. Who will help to take care of the pet?

taking care of pet

Your children might commit themselves to take care of the pet but fail to do it when the pet arrives. You need to have an arrangement of how chores related to the pet will be divided among the family members.

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One step in this process will be to create a list of all tasks and then allocating each member of the family some tasks. Every child should be assigned a task that is appropriate for their age. For example, a three-year-old will be able to fill the food bowl. As a child gets older you can allocate other pet-related tasks such as cleaning the litter box and picking up pet droppings.

7. Living environment
Do you have sufficient space for a pet? Is it safe? It doesn’t make sense to buy a big dog if your apartment is small. Another important thing is to ensure that the pet is going to be safe from all kinds of risks including accidents, infections, and attacks from other pets.

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A safe, happy and healthy pet will require an environment that is clean and that’s free from harmful items such as electrical cords and poisonous plants within pet’s reach.

8. Availability and cost of pet supplies

pet supplies

You’ll need to be buying various pet supplies depending on the pet you choose for your kids. It is important to check the availability of these supplies in the nearby shops and their prices.

How often will be replenishing the stock? If you will be doing it often, you might find it necessary to identify a nearby store that has all of your pet’s supplies. It also means that you will have to look for a pet that you can easily find its supplies in the local pet stores.

9. Where to get a pet
You can find a pet by looking at various selling platforms but you also need to consider whether the seller is genuine. For example, consider about looking for a reputable breeder if you are buying a hedgehog for a pet. You can also choose to adopt a dog from shelters for dogs.

10. Training for the pet
Most of the pet will require training to ensure it has a peaceful stay in your home. What’s more, you do not want to annoy your neighbours with a misbehaving pet.

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So yeah, if you are going to have a puppy, you need to find out how you’ll potty train him. A dog will need obedience training while a cat will need training to ensure it keeps off your tables and counters.

10 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Your Children A Pet


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