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10 Upcoming Buildings That Will Be Called Sky Scrapers

                The race is never going to end, whenever we talk about different countries trying to capture the title of having a city with the tallest building in the world. It’s actually a win-win situation for the architecture around the world that every day more and more names are adding and the height is increasing as well. As we move forward there are many years to come when every time we will be stricken by awesomeness of these buildings trying to touch the skies with their exterior.

Right now there are multiple buildings on their way to stand tall but there are only a few that will be known for their gigantic structure and those are exactly what we’re going to discuss in our 10 Upcoming Buildings That Will Be Called Sky Scrapers list.

10. Skyfame Center Landmark Tower
Before we even start the list we must make you aware of the fact that you’re going to see China a lot, and right now in building vertically they have lead as well. Although the Nanning city of China is going to complete its sky scraper in 2021 and it’s not going to be as tall as the Burj Khalifa, still it will be as tall as it gets. Also known as the Tianyu Tower it will have a total of 108-story project. Upon completion this building will stand at 1,732 feet above ground.

9. China Zun Tower
But way earlier it is going to be a building that will be almost as same height as the one discussed earlier but it will be completed in 2018. The entire architecture is inspired by a “zun” that is a vessel which is made of bronze and is used to hold wine. When the building will be completed it will take the title of China’s tallest building and it will also be the tallest structure in a high seismic zone when its finished, relying on steel-concrete composite braces and a solid concrete core for stability.

8. Tianjin CTF Finance Centre
So as we can see already that China is really busy in building more and more structures as in 2018 we will be able to see the second project of the city. CTF Finance Center. The building features one of the unique shapes that we have known and the way vents have been placed all over it actually reduces the risk of “Vortex Shedding” thanks to this very miracle of engineering, this tower isn’t going to get affected because of wind forces too much.

7. Lotte World Tower
Thanks to South Korea for actually stepping in the race. It is already open to pulic but because of the recent accidents that took place and the Korean Media’s attention this star building still needs to finish soon. The overall structure is yet another win of architecture as it features a cone of pale-colored class and that is supported rigidly with the grid of steel and of course concrete core.

6. Baoneng Shenyang Global Financial Center
One thing is for sure that by the end of 2018, China will be having multiple tall buildings, all standing tall and making the economy boost alongside the tourism as well because hardly anyone is going to stay away from not watching such magnanimous structures. In Shenyeng, China is going to be 1,864 feet tall giant that is designed by Atkins. It is nicknamed as the Pearl of the North and with its smaller sister towers it is going to live up, both to its nickname and to its reputation as well.

5. Goldin Finance 117
This time in Tianjin China, is going to be country’s third tallest building when it has finished getting built. It is estimated to take place in 2018 and this tower is going to portray all of the good characteristics of structural engineering. One of the most noticeable features of its architecture are going to be its diamond shaped observatory.

4. Ping An Finance Center
This building was at first expected to be completed in 2016 but things just took a shift when there were more floors to be added and just because of that the building’s finalization was delayed. For Shenzen specifically it has become the center of business and has also been responsible to show the world some really daring stunts. Thanks to GoPro on the other hand that it helped some really good videos to be captured. Ping An, is going to be as tall as 1,965 feet and that is arguably, enormous.

3. Merdeka PNB118
So finally China is going to have multiple buildings whereas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we’re going to see a large crystal embedded in the ground. It will be making things really interesting for the same city where still the tallest twin towers stand. Once it is completed the height of it is going to be 2,067 feet and in 2020 we will be able to have a visit to it ourselves as well.

2. Wuhan Greenland Center
Wuhan, China, this too in 2018 will be another project coming to end that is going to give us 2,087 feet of height that will have a curved profile and a tripod resistance technique that will prevent it from the wind. The Wuhan Greenland center is going to amaze everyone with every single inch of its structure. To add an additional air of exclusivity, the summit of this multi-use super tall will include a private member’s club.

1. Jeddah Tower
And last but not least it is going to be the Arab world by the end of 2020 still holding the crown of having the tallest building in the world. They plan to keep things really big and actually trying to reach the kilometer mark with their Jeddah Tower. a shard of steel and glass that, in its triangular shape, recalls a palm about to spread its fronds. At the end of its completion the Burj Khalifa might not be the tourist attraction. We need to find out.

10 Upcoming Buildings That Will Be Called Sky Scrapers


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