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10 Ways To Keep Romance Alive

The best thing in life is when you find your soulmate and you finally have the chance to fall helplessly and hopelessly in love. But it is well known the fact that love only lasts for three years, after that it takes hard work and compromises to make it work in the long term, but not necessarily.
It would not be realistic to think that everything will be always sweet and all about those pop up events and declarations of love. In time, romantic relationships become companionships in which you’d rather stay in and enjoy a movie together instead of a night out.
Romance is something that can be rekindled and entertained when you have the will to do so. There are millions of ways to make your lover feel your love and some of them are quite effortless and are often done without realizing it, such as making the breakfast in the morning right before your lover leaves for work, or such as calling him/her to see how his/her day is going.

Keep Romance Alive
Here are 10 ways to keep your romance alive.

1. Break the routine
Doing the same things over and over can definitely damage the romantic relationship you have with your partner. Monotony installs itself and it makes both of you feel like days are turning each other apart.

Try new things and break the cycle. This will help you see the time you spend together in a different way.

2. Do some things separately
It is the most important thing, doing things separately.

Most of the relationships nowadays get their flame burnt out when the partners stay all the time together. Up to a point it feels sweet to do everything together, but after you cross that line, things start to get on your nerves.

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You need to have new things to discuss. If you spend so much time together, how can you expect to have fun still? Go ahead on your individual journey, in the end it is all that matters, right? And then come back together and discuss about all the things that happened.

You might discover new things about each other his way

3. Make surprises
Surprise your partner. Take a day off and take him/her on a short journey. Enjoy the day together and indulge yourselves in whatever you both enjoy, may it be picnics, walks, or a pop up dinner.

Make surprises Couple
With every surprise, your relationship will evolve and maintain more love and newness between the two of you.

4. Take on dates
Take it back to the first years you had together. Go back to dating and enjoy each other’s company over a fine dinner in a cozy environment and surrounded by romance.

Dating used to be the pillar of your connection, why shouldn’t it be the same once more?

5. Get to know each other more
People change and keep some things in their subconscious and forget about them.

You might think that you know everything about your partner but be sure that you most certainly don’t.

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Take a break and discuss about different topics and your views upon them.

6. Revisit the days when you have fallen in love
Go back into your memories. Talk about them, go to the place where you firstly met or to the place where you had your first date.

Couple Love, Holding Hands
Rekindle the love and remember why you love each other in the first place.

7. Kiss more
Remember how kissing used to be so much fun? But after stress and everyday jobs came into discussion, kissing lost its priority?

Don’t do that to your relationship. Make time to kiss, just like teenagers do, because kissing is fun.

8. Leave your phones and tv aside for a while
Take a break from social media and reality shows and find new ways to enjoy your time at home.

Phones are only interfering with your personal connection, in some way depersonalizing the conversations.

9. Keep some things mysterious
Keep some things only for yourself. The intimate things or some memories or so.

Couple on beach
Don’t spill everything over, otherwise your relationship will lose its spark. However this is not a certain thing, but in most cases it makes the love lose its mystery.

10. Be nice to each other
Remember when you fight that you have to be nice to each other.

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When you spend so much time with a person you are bound to have fights, but remember in these moments to breathe and to be understanding of the other.

Couple Kissing
These are the ways you can make your relationship more fun and romantic. It is not supposed to be always like in the beginning, it is perfectly normal to have ‘boring’ periods of time, but it is up to your attitude if you want to keep it this way or if you want to make it be magical once more. Love is a complicated thing, and so are relationships!
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10 Ways To Keep Romance Alive

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