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10 Weird Forbidden Things Around The World

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Every time we set out to visit a foreign country, rarely do we know much about what to expect, especially if it is our first time to visit the country. And yet having knowledge of the country’s culture and norms can prevent unpleasant eventualities. What is more, some of these cultural norms can be so unusual and peculiar that we struggle to understand them.

We already did a few articles about some of the craziest and ridiculous laws and regulations that are still in effect or used to be in some American states and cities, but for obvious reasons, the U.S.A is not the only country to have imposed a ban on some weird stuff. From wearing singing shoes to abandoning elephants on the beach to die, here is a list of 10 strange and forbidden things around the world:

1. Getting a haircut could land you in trouble in Iran
To control the massive grip that Western civilization has on Iranian youth, the government decided to ban skinny jeans, rap music, and even cats and dogs. But the most bizarre was a ban on the western inspired haircut, and the reason given was that “it offends Islam.


The umbrella organization that controls Iranian Barbers banned all these western haircuts because they thought they were a sign of the “great satan.” Or its equivalent the sign of worshipping the god of a devil.

2. Jogging in Burundi
It seems like if you’re caught jogging early in the morning, you could go to prison for life. According to reliable sources, the President of Burundi has a mortal fear of joggers because he thinks they’re practicing for a war that may topple his regime at some point in future.

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So he reckoned a ban on jogging could limit conflict between the ethnic groups that have sworn to eliminate one another.

3. Small breasts banned
The land down-under is a sovereign state Albeit under the British Queen. But they have some bizarre rules you cannot understand. To win an audition as a porn actress, you must have extraordinarily large breasts.

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Porno movies featuring women with tiny breasts are banned. Reason: Government reckons this kind of activity encourages citizens to target young children since their breasts are still developing and also makes child rapists start getting ideas.

4. Death banned in UK House of Lords
Anyone who dies in the United Kingdom’s House of Lords automatically gets a state funeral. It is unclear how the departed would be prosecuted but what is clear is that the UK government does not want to conduct too many state funerals.

5. You can’t name your child in Denmark
The Danish government has banned parents from giving their children new names and instead published a list of recommended monikers. If the name you had in mind for your child does not appear in the government approved list, then you must write to seek permission.

6. In China, you can’t rescue the drowning
In China, if you find a man drowning in the water, you cannot save him because it is believed you could be interfering with his fate.


Drowning cases in China where bystanders are on the scene and try to rescue a drowning man as a sense of duty often make an essential difference in the drowning man’s chances of survival. But the law is against this. Among studies conducted on rescue-related drowning incidences, the proportion of survivors vary population. Australia is leading with 94% while turkey comes second with 44%. But data is lacking on how many rescuers survived the rescue attempts.

7. Milan bans frowning
Smiling is a natural human attribute that expresses joy and happiness. And from the look of things, it is a vital ingredient in the social fabric that makes the Italian city of Milan. If you’re looking to visit Milan, ensure you smile all the time.

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This Italian metropolis has imposed a ban on frowning. It insists that it is a legal requirement for residents to smile all the time except when visiting a funeral or a hospital. A fine is imposed on those caught frowning.

8. Running out of gas in Germany
If you’re cruising along German highways, be sure your car doesn’t run out of gas. Running out of gas will attract fines, and the point is you should have planned better before starting the engine of your car.

9. In Florida, you can’t fart after 6 pm on Thursdays
In Florida, there is a law on the books that makes it illegal for residents to fart in public after 6 pm every Thursday of the week. It is unclear where the bill originated from, but the fines are said to be very punitive.

10. In Chicago, you can’t eat inside a burning house
No matter how tasty the pizza, it is illegal to eat a house that is on fire.

Laws are a necessity we can’t do without as in their absence there would be no order. People would wake up in the morning and do whatever pleases them, and a lot of things would impact others negatively. Human beings cannot be trusted with that responsibility on their own and that is why we need governments to assist regulating our own lives and hold society together.

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10 Weird Forbidden Things Around The World

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