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10 WWE Superstars Who Were Athletes

                It’s not by any stretch of the imagination vital for the majority of the general population to adhere to the careers they have. It’s truly, in the human instinct that they generally attempt to search for a superior open door and endeavor to influence things to ideal for themselves. Choices are not generally rock solid, we have seen numerous cases of individuals attempting to be a piece of the sports and endeavoring to move towards the entertainment industries, letting themselves known in various ways.
The same can be said in regards to numerous WWE Superstars who are at this moment professionally prepared entertainers yet before they moved toward becoming on, they were athletes. Here we will tell you 10 WWE Superstars who were athletes some time recently, before they became wrestlers.

10. Roman Reigns
We are going to start out list with the most active wrestler in the world of WWE right now. The Samoan began his career in WWE being a part of the deadliest trio in history for the same company, S.H.I.E.L.D. He was accompanied by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins who also happen to be in the ring now a days. But! Before he was even Roman Reigns he was Joe Anoa’i, football player. Playing for Pensacola, Florida was definitely not something life had planned for Roman Reigns and after coming to the WWE things really changed for him, making him the face of the company, as we speak.
9. Lex Luger
Now we can’t run from the fact that we have all seen the wrestlers and adored them as we grew up from our Childhood and when we talk about childhood then one name can easily pop in our minds and that is Lex Luger. He was a well-recognized, nicely built professional in the ring but only a few people really knew about his background of playing football for Bufallo, NY. Although if we look at his career as a football prodigy things were working really nice for Lex but soon after his groin injury during training camp, it started shifting and he came forward as a professional wrestler.
8. Brock Lesnar
Seriously! If you know any sport that is related to making people go through pain and suffering and you don’t know the name Brock Lesnar, then you definitely don’t know much about that sport itself. Nothing really beats the bar of intimidation Brock has in both MMA and WWE. He too, before becoming a power house of destruction used to play football for the Minnesota Vikings. However, when he won the national championship for wrestling in University of Minnesota. Whatever strike his mind, worked and he debuted as “The Next Big Thing” which he still is after decades, to be honest.
7. Kevin Nash
Do you remember the guy who laid the foundation of being tall again after Andre the Giant and brought back the weight factor in the game as well? Someone has to use that seven feet tall build and where else can it be used other than Basketball. People hardly know Kevin Nash, they remember him as being a part of the N.W.O and making some surprise entrances lately but only a few know that he was a part of the well-known programs “The Tennessee Volunteers”. Nash was in awe of Johnson’s talent and was even quoted as saying, “If Magic Johnson was my point guard, I probably could have had a couple of scrub years in the NBA.”
6. Stone Cold
This comes off as a surprise already? Who knew that the rattle snake, beer drinking wrestler who hardly respects his employer was ever dedicated to any other sport than stunning people out of their senses? But yes. Believe it or not but he was an avid football player. He played for the Mean Green in the 1986 and 1987 seasons. And was always stationed at the defensive end, but did not advance further than college ball because of injury issues.
5. Big Show
Once again it’s not just about the football thing, like Kevin Nash, another giant that we have come across and still see on our screen is Paul Wight, famously known as the Big Show. He was wise enough to use that height in the game of basketball when he used to play for the Wichita State. His career goes for years in this specific game but he never went pro with it. Soon after college this much strength and athleticism was seen by Hulk Hogan and Danny Bonaduce who brought him in the world of Wrestling.
4. Goldberg
Goldberg who recently made his appearance for a short period of time settling his long awaited differences with Brock Lesnar, has one of the longest wrestling careers known to anyone. He was involved in the WWE and even WCW and before even coming to wrestling he was involved in football too. But he didn’t keep it low with the football profile as he played as a professional till 1995 achieving minimal success in the NFL.
3. Titus O’Neil
Titus O’ Neil came into wrestling after having a career on the defensive end. He often used to do the tackling thanks to his enormous built for the Florida Gators but clearly his intentions of becoming a football player were on the high. When he was in the Florida Gatos he played a total of 40 games and was also elected to be the student body vice president.
2. Vader
Vader, has always been known as the demolition machine. He had one of the noticeable college football careers and it was clear from that moment on that he will dominate all of the professionals in the line but unfortunately because of all those injuries becoming visible he was a two-time All American and was also drafted by the Los Angeles Rams. Clearly if they did it would’ve been “Vader Time”.
1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Last but not least, before he became The Rock and even long before he was wearing blue underpants with that strange hairstyle going on his head. Dwayne Johnson was clearly Walking Tall in the field of football. He was the defensive tackle at the University of Miami. Even today, he is seen admiring his mentors for helping him learn this game and he also has a very soft corner for it, himself.
10 WWE Superstars Who Were Athletes


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