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16 Things You Need To Know About India

Right from the moment you step into India, this beautiful Asian country welcomes you with a colorful atmosphere that consists of different smells, bright colors, busy and very active street and not forgetting to mention the beautiful scenery that you will have to go through when moving from place to place within the country. In this article, we will be discussing some important facts that you probably never knew about India.

  • The Mumbai Bridge, one of the notable constructions in the country which links Bandra to Worli took more than 25 million hours to construct and it cost $250 million to complete the bridge.
  • The wettest place in the world is in India, Mawsynram receives the highest amount of rainfall annually in the world.
  • The law made it compulsory for all companies with over 100 staff to consult the government before firing any of their staff and if the government should decline, such staff cannot be fired.
  • The third highest mountain is in India and it is 28, 170 ft that is 8,586 meters located in Kanchenjunga.
  • Kite flying is categorized as aircraft and thus it is illegal to fly kites in India under a law in 1934 except the approval is given by any police authority.
  • The use of left hand for either cooking or eating is considered inappropriate as it looks like an unclean habit because the left hand is used mostly for cleaning oneself with water after using the lavatory.
  • There is a high level of whiskey consumption in India; India alone consumes 50% of the supply of the whole world.
  • There is written proof of reconstructive plastic surgery that was done in India in 800BC, thus plastic surgery can be said to have been originated India.
  • There has been an extension of both astringent and spicy to the four tastes in western cooking; sour, sweet, savory and salty.
  • India has a large amount of road networks such that the road can go around the world like one hundred and twenty times.
  • The origination of chess is said to be from the Sanskrit game known as Chaturanga which means Four Members of an Army.
  • When the team of Pakistan was short of players, the most famous cricket fielder known as Sachin Tendulkar crossed the field and played for Pakistan.
  • The colors on the flag of Indian each have its own meaning; the saffron is a symbol of both sacrifice and courage while the white is a symbol of truth and peace.
  • At the center of the Indian flag, the wheel is said to be a Buddhist wheel of life or dharma chakra.
  • The invention of both decimal system as well as the method of making use of 1-10 as a means of displaying numbers was from India in 100 BC.
  • Within 11 seconds in the year 1999, a goal was scored by India against Bhutan.


16 Things You Need To Know About India

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