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10 Facts That Prove Artificial Intelligence Is “THE FUTURE”

Artificial Intelligence Interesting Facts | Importance of Information Technology

artificial intelligence interesting facts

                With impetus rise in automation, artificial intelligence is slowly becoming the answer to every problem encountered in our day to day living. Even though there is a lot of confusion as well as disagreement about the fact that may be artificial intelligence will soon be over, yet we are tending toward a robotic future. When machine is optimized to mimic understanding human functions like learning and problem solving. Imagine your day being converted to automation, from replying your mail while your brewing your hot cup of coffee and ready or playing candy crush while you driving your car - How exhilarating will that be?

Apparently, we are already living in the future with AI already becoming part of our life.

7 mind-blowing facts that will highlight that we are in the future and tending towards a smarter one:

Our everyday virtual assistant:
The simplest example of usage of artificial intelligence is virtual assistants in our smart phones. From playing music to replying to mails, it does everything for you by commands. Be it Google now, Cortana for Android phones or Siri for iOS are few examples of virtual assistant we come across. In short, virtual assistant can assist in finding information for you by just your voice commands. They work by picking up data from varied sources simultaneously learning about the user to effectively help in organization and tracking of information.

Role in recruitment process:
Apart from making its presence in day to day activities, it has also made its way into the recruiting industry. The penetration of Artificial Intelligence into this process of hiring has made its error-free, un-biased and faster. From automated shortlisting of candidates to un-biased screening to scheduling interviews, is what AI-based recruitment platforms can perform.

Painless and error free health care:
Another application of the potential of artificial intelligence is its capacity to revamp healthcare industry. It aims in making it painless and error free. Some of its examples are:

· First level of diagnosis for by AI health assistants

· Explanation of lab results

· Effective organizing patient’s records

· Speed up biological and drug development process

· Image interpretation and recognition

Not only it is a great boon for health industry it also has its roots spread into elderly care. The smart functionality robots would help elders in their everyday tasks.

Commuting in automation:
Slowly with recent developments one can find oneself driving to work while reading a newspaper with the concept of smart cars. The idea of the future is that, eventually, the car will be able to look at the road ahead of it and make decisions based on what it sees, helping it learn how to drive in the process.

Virtual customer care service:
Now millions of websites have come with the feature to allow its customers with chat feature for grievance redressal. With AI, has come the concept of chatbots which would extract knowledge from the website and present the customers with answers.

Human jobs done by robots:
From taking over of performing dangerous jobs like bomb defusal, welding toxic substances etc to becoming a helping hand in performing odd jobs of human such as field technician, call centre worker, data entry operator to fast food employee. In near future AI would replace all these human tasks.

Slowly we would be moving towards a future where robots can be used to predict future. Nautilus is a supercomputer that can predict the future based on news articles. It is a self-learning supercomputer that was given information from millions of articles, dating back to the 1940s. It was able to locate Osama Bin Laden within 200km. Now, scientists are trying to see if it can predict actual future events, not ones that have already occurred.

10 Facts That Prove Artificial Intelligence Is “THE FUTURE”

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