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10 Origin Stories For Popular Sports

                Playing is something everyone of us loves to do, we dedicate a fair amount of time to sports, in our childhood whether it is indoor or outdoor playing sports was the part of our lives, also we all played one or many sports. As our age grew, elevation of the level of the game also grew. In our childhood we used to play sports slewly like football, cricket, basketball, baseball chess etc.
Did you ever wondered where those sports came from, how did they evolve, here we will be going through such facts and few popular sport stories and interesting points behind these sports.

Find the most popular sports news article and stories on the IoT RECORDS with images. Unforgettable sports disasters story and some origin stories for popular sports. So let us start the list.


As you all are aware that football is a team game and it is a game where the players are supposed to kick the ball using their foot to score a goal. This sport was played by ancient Greeks and Romans first as they have played many ball games, some of which involved the use of the feet but the Chinese game called “cuju” has been recognized by FIFA as the first full version of the game using regular rules. Japanese also played such game but with name “kemari”.
In Middle Ages the popularity of this game elevated due to the annual Shrovetide football match which used to be organized throughout Europe especially in England.
i) There were many attempts to disapprove and ban football. First such law was passed by England in 1314;
ii) 30 more laws followed this first law alone in between 1314 to 1667.
DISASTER- In may 1949, a soccer club ll grand torino, the turin club was at the peak of world football when their plane crashed while returning from a friendly match, tragically killing all the 31 people on board, 18 of them were the players.
Lima football riots were also disastrous where 320 people died and more than 500 were injured.

This is a racket sports which is played by single player on the both sides or by 2 players each on the both sides (doubles). Harry Gem and Augurio Perera developed a game which had the elements of racquet and pelota, later on in 1872 the first tennis club was founded in leamington spa.
Tennis world also went through a lot of personal disaster when the game lost a lot of great players in accidents, whether it was Rosco Tanner who won Austrailian open in 1977, Joe Hunt who won the U.S championship in 1943, or James Blake who was #4 on the rankings. But fortunately there was no massive disaster as has happened in football world.
This is a sport played on a rectangular court. It is a team game but for competition purpose other combo is also used. Basketball was invented by Canadian Dr. Jaimes Naismith, who was a physical education professor and instructor.
i) This game was invented because Dr. James Naimsmith wanted to keep his students occupied, so he invented this game.
ii) Basketball was originally played with a Soccer ball.
iii) This game was named basketball by Frank Mahan and James Naimsmith together.
iv) First official game was played at YMCA gymnasium in New York.
On 13 December 1977 an entire team was killed along with the coaching staff and press members due to a crash of a charter plane. Out of 29 fatalities 19 were the team members.

Hockey is a sport which is played by the players to maneuver a ball or a puck using a hockey stick into the opponent’s goal. This game has got 2 variations like field hockey and ice hockey, both of them being equally popular among different areas of the world.
This game does not have any specific origin recorded but this game was played in Egypt, Ireland and ancient Greece. Other than this game was also played in Mongolia by daur people.
i) Hockey word was first recorded in 1773, in a book Written by Richard Johnson.
ii) Hockey word itself is of unknown origin.
iii) Hockey is of many types as ice hockey, roller hockey, sledge hockey, street hockey.
In 2011 Yaroslavl locomotive hockey team an elite team, which was travelling by a chartered plane met a crash killing all the 45 people on board including 27 players, 2 coaches and seven club officials. Locomotive was 3 times Russian champion.
Ice hockey has got similarity with the field hockey, the main difference is that ice hockey is played on ice and field hockey is on ground. Ice hockey was invented as a variation of field hockey and since then it is being played at various occasions and has elevated the fame for itself.
i) The first indoor hockey game was played on March 3, 1875.
ii) Ice hockey is the national sport of Latvia and the national winter sport of Canada.
iii) Men’s ice hockey was added to winter Olympics in 1924.
After football, ice hockey is the sport which has seen most number of disaster in sports history, some of them are; on 8 October 1948 Czechoslovakia national ice hockey team in which 6 players died, January 1950 an entire team of VVS Moscow was killed in a crash due to adverse conditions. This list keeps going and ice hockey has so far seen a lot of disasters.
Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams. This game is very much famous in many countries. The origin of cricket is vividly seen in tudor times in 16th century. Cricket was invented in London. Coroner and John Derrick were the first one to play this game.
i) There were a number of suggestions that were given for the name cricket.
ii) In 1597 it was called creckett.
iii) The name is seen as a derived word from the words cryce, croquet, cricc etc
In cricket history there was an incident that took place in Pakistan. The 2009 attack on Sri Lankan national cricket team is seen as a disaster on Pakistan national security, and in cricket history itself. The attack happened on 3 March 2009 when a bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricketer was attacked by 12 gunmen, near Kaddafi stadium in Lahore. 6 Sri Lankan players were injured.

Baseball is a bat and ball game which is widely played in USA and other American countries. The exact origin of bat and ball is hard to find with precision. But in French manuscript from 1344 there is evidence that a sport like baseball was possibly played at that time too.
i) Baseball is supposed to be the evolution of bat and ball game.
ii) The earliest known reference of this sport is in British publication in 1744.
iii) After admitting baseball in Olympics as a medal sport in 1992, this game was dropped from 2012 summer Olympics games. However it remained part of the 2008 games.
Like other sports, baseball was also affected by the disasters it had to go through. On 21st may 1992, a bus met with an accident killing 7, in which 5 were the team members of Bluffton Beaver’s baseball team. This was a team of Georgia State of United States.
Golf is a game associated with Porsche and premium players, it is one of the sports which are most luxurious and famed. It is believed that this game was first played in 15th century at kingdom of Scotland, although the exact origin of this game is much debated. In this game a player uses various clubs to hit a ball into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.
i) Golf is one of the most watched sports of the world.
ii) 60 million people play golf regularly around the world.
iii) According to studies Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Wales are the countries with most golf courses.
Golf is an individual player game hence there hasn’t been any such disaster to this game as it is still very famous in the whole world. So fortunately golf is a game untouched with disaster.

Volleyball is a team sport, in this game each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court as per the rules. The origin of the volleyball is in America. As on 9 feburary 1895 in Massachusetts willium G. Morgan a YMCA physical education director created the game so that everyone could enjoy the leisure time. This game took its characteristic from tennis and handball.
i) Global participation figure of people is 998 million.
ii) This sport can be played in indoor and outdoor version.
iii) Volleyball was added to Olympics In 1924 summer Olympics in Paris.
As other sports volleyball players also travel many places and that is when accidents are prone to happen. On 15 February 1970, Puerto Rico women’s national volleyball team met with a crash in which 102 people died among them were 12 volleyball players(11 players and 1 head coach). It came as a shock to the volleyball sports fraternity.

Table tennis is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across table using small bats; this sport is all about concentration and agility. The origin of this sport goes back to 1860’s. This sport originated in Victoria England, it was a sport which was famous among the upper class people.
i) This sport is also called as ping pong.
ii) As per a famous magazine, around 300 million people play table tennis.
iii) Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the last decade.
Fortunately as table tennis is a team game this game never met any major disaster in the past. Although the demise of famous and legendary players did hit the sport but other than that this sport was also untouched by disaster.
10 Origin Stories For Popular Sports

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