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10 Real Evidence Of Aliens On Earth

                Over the years, the conspiracy theories of aliens have shocked many and have inspired numerous fiction movies to come alive on screen. A lot of them, however, are purely based on human imagination considering the fact, the topic fascinates many people around the world, especially those who are government cynical. Among the most floated theories, it has been believed that aliens had their primary intervention in building the hyper-technology monuments like Pyramids in Egypt and Easter Island fleet in Moai.

Certainly, there are many instances where the humans have witnessed the extraterrestrials roaming around the Earth, but none is cemented with the verified facts. While it has been accused that most of the influential politicians and leaders hide the significant facts from the common public, Government around the world has always protected the classified information about this unbelievable speculation. A lot of times many of the agencies have been blurred-cited working with the aliens, but still, the significant proofs are yet to be revealed.

All in all, there are infinite unresolved mysteries that still haunt in our mind for the existence of aliens, with a doubt on the super nations and their politician's integrity in this regard.

Here we have listed the 10 Real Evidence of Aliens on Earth, with the potential signs of their collaboration with the human governments.

Stanton Friedman
A renowned retired nuclear physicist, Stanton Friedman is confident with the presence of aliens among us. According to him, there are more than enough evidence to make it crystal clear that extraterrestrials have visited our planet Earth many times, and at this period they are living among us like the regular inhabitants. Friedman agrees that we humans are far restless and curious to know about the aliens, so the government and security agencies play their best part to hide their presence from the common public.

Apparently, these agencies also think the humans are not emotionally and mentally prepared to get familiar with their different-planet friends.

Area 51
All of us are aware of this high-security research base in the United States. The distinguished Area 51 has been many times rumored as the place where the government of the United States protects the facts about alien life. Although at first, the nation had not acknowledged the existence of any such base, with the concern of the people and their investigations, it was finally revealed that Area 51 does exist. Still, only the bit of the information is clear about this place and the most important part of extraterrestrial involvement is often neglected.

Notably, in this same year, 2017, a bunch of conspiracy theorists have recently released footage, what they believe is mistakenly leaked, of UFO tests performed in Area 51.

Tonto National Forest
The Agriculture Department of U.S. had once released data and some information about significant extraterrestrial movement in Arizona-Tonto National Forest. To be sure, there are records of a caller who claimed to witness the construction of a secret base in this region. In fact, this caller even claimed that he had seen the aliens and humans working together, and the UFOs and planes visiting the area frequently. However, the identity of the person is kept unknown, and no further details were shared after the involvement of officials.

Alien's Connection with Pope
Famous Ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell once shared an email with the US politician John Podesta mentioning that the Pope knows about the existence of aliens living on Earth. Additionally, Mitchell also wrote that aliens are not wicked and they want to help the humans to improve their conditions by sharing “zero point energy” Major point to note in the email was a ‘space treaty' that is being signed and discussed with the countries like Russia and China. The email was supposed to contain the direct points of the extraterrestrial existence and was then sent to some prominent figure in American politics.

However, till date, it is never known what happened with that email and what consideration was given to its testimony.

Paul Hellyer
Paul Hellyer- the Former Canadian defense minister had once stated on a TV show that a code of conduct binds aliens in the country. As per Hellyer, the aliens apparently can share more tech info with the humans, but they fear of war and other destruction that can potentially affect the cosmos. Expressly, he also pointed that activities of aliens have grown a lot in the successive years and will surely lift more in the future.

Importantly, the candid conversation video of Paul Hellyer is available to watch on the internet.

Disclosure by Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev, the current prime minister of Russia, is better known for his straight and bold answers. When on a TV show Medvedev was asked about the extraterrestrial life on Earth by a Russian reporter, he confirmed the fact that aliens lived among humans and had worked with them. However, to prevent the mass panic, Medvedev did not reveal how many of them lived in Russia but jokingly pointed out the movie Men in Black as a documentary to make out the reality. Respecting the position and the credibility, his open statement concerning alien life has boggled the minds of many around the world.

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden, a technical contractor form the National Security Agency had once cracked the headlines by revealing the classified information of the US surveillance programs for its citizens. In the information, he further added that the US is directed by the aliens that are usually referred as “Tall Whites" or “Nordics" and they have full control and authority over the country. Markedly, as of now, Snowden is hopping-countries, and if brought back to the US, he may face multiple strict charges for his bold act.

Presidential Meetings
Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th US president, was rumored to have a connection with the aliens during his presidency. Flashing the light onto it, the former US consultant, Timothy Good, who worked with the Congress and the Pentagon, declared Eisenhower had encountered three instances of meeting aliens at the US Air Force base. Speaking on Frank Skinner’s BBC2 show Opinionated, Good further opened up that aliens are living with us for many years and have contacted thousands of people from all walks of life.

Joint Underground Bases
Sherry Shriner, the famous writer, uncovered the mystery of the extraterrestrials in an article of her by listing the underground bases of the US. She claimed to have significant sources from the CIA and the UFO researchers who worked on these bases. Notably, her descriptions about the underground bases were unusually detailed.
Apparently, she also quoted that humans and aliens have no problem working together, but, the overall security is kept tight to avoid any chances of trepidation.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Unexpected Experience
Russian politician Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has the most unexpected experience of the extraterrestrials. He mentioned that on September 18, 1997, aliens had visited his apartment and then abducted him to board their ship. According to Ilyumzhinov, he was telepathically connected with the aliens during the entire instance. Not only his minister, driver, and assistant verified his disappearance, but the Russian government too believed him and feared of him sharing any classified information of Russia with the other world.

Consequently, the sound information provided by the whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and the influential political figures like Hellyer and Medvedev lead us to something more than just the conspiracy theories. Undoubtedly the government across the powerful and developed nations do not want to open up, but in spite, people are still getting a lot of clues from the various direct or indirect sources. So, let's wait and watch what next can come up regarding this unique topic of extraterrestrials.

What do you think, do aliens exist? If on the grounds of doubt, let us help you in this. Do a search for Roswell UFO incident 1947 and rest assured, you will conclude.

10 Real Evidence Of Aliens On Earth

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