Wednesday, 4 October 2017

5 Controversial Android Applications

                Application and games developed are merely for entertainment and add on meeting the needs. However, with recent times they have sparked a lot controversy either due to a failure attempt or due to the type of the game it is.

Below are 5 such controversial games which are still existing in the market, yet with dozens of questions hovering around them.

Pokemon Go:

One of the much talked and controversial games of recent times is Pokemon Go. The game was launched around mid of 2016 and gained huge waves of popularity with a short span of time. It gave people the real-life environment of Anime characters to play with. With its extensive use of the game came along a series of threats like trespassing, using Pokestops for robbery etc. Sooner it had risen in fame than faster it fell in the market with being banned in many countries. To top it all came the technical glitch in its servers making some features of the game unavailable and in short making it unpopular.
Even though things have settled now and the game is still available, yet the controversy it sparked was much talked about.

Badland 2:

Badland was a hell of a game with overwhelming response among users. The game came with pay once to unlock majority of the game feature. The makers of clean master app came with part two of the above game as Badland 2. Due to a lot of advertisements and in-app purchases this game made its way as the unpopular and controversial one.


Miitomo, android social media game which came in a free with in-app purchase version last year. This was also one of the most popular apps which made its way down very fast. In the game, one had to ask/answer question to gain coins which can in turn be used in customization of your Miitomo character. Due to the uncertainty of the theme of the game, its popularity went down very fast. Its sudden exit from game world of android was much of a squabble.

Survival Island 3:

Survival Island 3, game which could work on both Android as well iOS versions created a lot of strife in the year 2015. It was the first action game which was based on theme that fair skinned characters would kill native Australians. The game being based on racism triggered a much of displeasure. With legal actions, the game was pulled down from both Google and Apple store

Pakistani Army Retribution:

Another game triggering sensitive issues was the game of Pakistani Army Retribution. A shooter game which was based on 2014 Peshawar school massacre. Even though the game allowed to control the soldier and kill the terrorist, yet it spiked negative criticism all over. The game made fun of massacre is what created the rift, leading to its down fall.

Watch out for the above games!

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