Monday, 2 October 2017

5 Easiest Countries To Travel To Without Strict VISA Processing

                A lot of countries in the world have made it very difficult for foreigners to come into their country for tourism and migration. They set up very rigorous visa processing policies that could discourage people. However, there are still some countries where travellers can go to without going through stringent visa policies. You can even leave there without being a resident and can also come in and leave periodically.
There are a lot of wonderful options you can choose from, some of them are:

1. CAMBODIA – this is one of the countries that practically allows everyone to obtain a visa. It is also a lovely tourist attraction. They have two options to obtain their visa. The first is an e-visa which requires the traveller to provide a recent passport photograph and fill out an online form for $30. The second option is visa on arrival, the traveller is issued a Cambodian visa at the point of entry. This also costs $30 and both options are valid for a period of 30 days. Once you get into Cambodia, you can further extend your visa by getting a business visa which is valid for 1year and is also not expensive.

2. SEYCHELLES – this is another easy country to gain entry to. People from any country can obtain a visa of up to 3 months at the point of entry. Once you are in Seychelles you can decide to extend your stay for another 1 year. It is another beautiful country where tourists can have a lovely time exploring.
3. PANAMA – this is another country where access to entry is easy especially for Americans, the country’s offical currency is the US dollars which makes it easy for Americans. Travellers can get a 6 months visa at the point of entry into the country. Panama also has one of the easiest permanent residency programs you can ever find in the world, the process takes about 6 months to complete. Panama is a beautiful place for vacation, they have lovely beaches, islands and cities that attract tourist.

4. JORDAN – this country is another easy one for tourists, they give 2 weeks visa upon arrival. It is a very great holiday location with lots of sites like Petra, temples, ancient mosques etc.
5. MALDIVES - the visa to this country is also issued upon arrival and it lasts for 3 months. This is one of the cool places for a vacation; it is a beautiful place with lots of lovely sites to behold, places like the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the islands makes Maldives a totally captivating tourist nation.

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