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5 Keys To Stay Forever In Love

Keys To Stay Forever In Love

                Falling in love is rather simple. The remainder is a whole other pair of sleeves. Whether you are young or old, here are some great tips to achieve it.

Cherish your wife, respect your husband
Keys To Stay Forever In Love

The essential emotional need of a woman is to feel cherished. It is up to her husband to fulfill this requirement by showing her love, holding her in esteem, and proving that she is her number one priority.

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On the human side, the essential emotional need is to feel respected by his wife. When he comes home, And the last thing a woman/wife can do to show her husband respect is to hang up the phone when he arrives.


Consider yourself good friends
Keys To Stay Forever In Love

In one of the seven blessings recited under the nuptial canopy, we wish the newlyweds to become “beloved friends."

In a sincere friendship, each person respects and endorses the needs and feelings of others. Showing to one's spouse that what matters to him is equally important to us is one of the most beautiful proofs of love that one can offer him.


Keep in mind the couple's watchwords: listening, compromise, reconciliation, and gratitude.
Keys To Stay Forever In Love

At the dawn of your life as a couple, make a firm decision to respect this golden rule: even if you are angry with one another, never assault you verbally. The use of insults only worsens the problems and erodes your mutual attachment. Instead, use the following method:

Listen: Let your spouse speak without interrupting and then repeat in your own words what he/she has just said. This will assure him or her that you are attentive to his or her grievances. Listening is the key to harmony and conflict resolution.

Transact: Strive to find compromises that will satisfy both of you. None of you should feel condemned to accept the other's point of view.

Reconcile yourselves: Have the heart to heal the emotional wounds caused by the turn of a conflict, and free yourself from latent anger and resentment. Aim for 100% reconciliation. A slight rancor multiplied by 50 may result in a wall of bitterness.

Be grateful: You can’t finish thanking your spouse. But make sure you notice everything he or she does for you and express your gratitude for it.


Establish firm boundaries
Keys To Stay Forever In Love

Your number one priority is your spouse, not your parents, loved ones, friends, children, work or hobbies. Try to set strict limits that prove the supreme importance you attach to your couple, and never let anything or anyone blunt your mutual attachment.

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In practical terms, it means giving precedence to your spouse's needs over those of your parents. Also, come home early enough to have a good time together, and book regular evenings for two.


Ensure the well-being of your spouse
Keys To Stay Forever In Love

The ultimate goal of marriage is to ensure the well-being of one's spouse and strive to please him or her on a daily basis, in the way he or she hears it. For example; if your wife tells you she loves lilacs, do not offer her roses because you consider it more romantic.

Learn how to identify your spouse's expectations (physical contact, rewarding words, help with household chores or time spent together) and make sure to fill them every day.

5 Keys To Stay Forever In Love

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