Tuesday, 17 October 2017

7 Health Myths That You Are Still Believing (But You Shouldn’t)

Health Myths That You Are Still Believing

                Health has always been everyone’s top priority. If you are healthy and fit then you can do your work efficiently, are active, and generally feel good. However, people in the past, especially women, have stated many health-related facts (as they believe) which now science has proven to be considered myths. It does not mean that these are made up health-related statements, but any one time, something worked for them so that does not mean it can work universally for all.

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There are hundreds of health myths which now have been proven wrong by the scientist and doctors, which you used to believe religiously. The most famous of health myths are listed below with proven facts as to why they are myths.

1. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

This is the most famous saying from the past. Your mother or other elders always make you eat an apple saying that you will never get sick if you eat it every day. But this saying is wrong. It is true that Apple is a healthy fruit containing vitamins and iron, but it is not sufficient for your health. You need other nutrients as well.

Plus, please do not cancel your regular vaccinations even if you are eating an apple every day.

2. Eating Microwave Foods Can Give You Cancer

Another health myth that is extremely popular is that eating foods that are cooked in a microwave or heating foods in a microwave will give you cancer because of its radiation. This is a complete myth as its rays are very light and they just heat up food and nothing else.

3. Drink Eight Glasses of Water A Day For Good Health

It is true that water is a natural health compound but there is no link found that supports the theory that eight glasses per day are necessary. You should drink water when you are thirsty and you do not need to keep a count of your daily water intake.

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4. Knuckle Cracking Can Give Your Arthritis

Cracking your knuckles has no relation with arthritis. yes, the voice of cracking annoys some people but will not give you arthritis.

5. Fatty Foods And Cholesterol Will Make You Obese

Our body is made up of different elements and compounds which include, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats. So fat is also needed in the body for a healthy digestive system. Everything in excess is harmful to your body. If you consume more fats than the required amount and do overeating, then it will make you obese.

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6. Brown Sugar Is Healthier Than White Sugar

This is also a complete myth as sugar is sugar whether white or brown. Brown sugar retains some of the molasses, hence the brown color. But, other than that there is no difference.

7. Acne Is Caused By Eating Excessive Chocolates

Acne is not caused by eating more chocolate; there is no relation between them. Recently a new study proves that dark chocolate is actually good for health and helps in improving mood (this might also be proved to be a myth later on, but for now, it’s true).

7 Health Myths That You Are Still Believing (But You Shouldn’t)

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