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9 Dangers Found In Sugar For Your Health

                Everyone talks about dangers that salt makes to our body, but anyone talks about the element that we use in almost everything: sugar! Yes, sugar is very harmful for us but read about the dangers that causes for us, let’s take a look.

First, it must be said that it is an ingredient that is widely used in homes of the world. However, did you know that sugar feeds all cancer cells and triggers all kinds of ailments like weight gain and premature aging?

In this article, we will talk about all the dangers that sugar can cause to your health, since almost nobody speaks of this and we think it very important that you knew how dangerous it is.

Important note: It is very dangerous, but as we have said before, nobody talks about it; because there is a big world business behind the production of sugar, but remember, you will always be the protagonist, the one who has the last word. Let's go to the consequences:

Sugar is the main source of calories consumed by humans today; sugar is everywhere, from a soda to a cheese spread, from baby formulas to various sauces that are used in the kitchen. Really? Sad but true my friends.

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For this reason, we write about the top 9 hazards of sugar in your body, meet them and take action.

1- Destroys teethes:

Sugar is one of the main responsible for the bacteria that are stored in the mouth are fed and can be more dangerous than ever, producing an acid that destroys the tooth enamel, so its high consumption can destroy all your teeth.

2 - It produces anxiety and starving sensations:

The direct relationship of sugar with this disease is that it influences the efficiency of a hormone called leptin, which controls the feeling of hunger, causing anyone to lose control over their own will to eat.

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3- Obesity:

Although this is a logical consequence, the high consumption of sugar, which produces a feeling that you, can never quench hunger. This means that if you reduce high sugar foods consumption, you could be helping the body to control its metabolism and thus avoid obesity, which is one of the greatest suffering in the United States and many countries of Europe.

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4- Diabetes:

This is one of the worst consequences in the high consumption of sugar. Many studies indicate that one of the main foods produced by diabetes is the consumption of soft drinks, since it increases the level of insulin in the body, causing a resistance reaction to it, allowing blood to allow the formation of glucose in it, unleashing that terrible disease that has claimed many lives.

5- Renal insufficiency:

The high consumption of sugar causes in body, losing the faculties to its renal functions. However, this theory has not yet been 100% tested by science, but at the same time, if it has been proven that sugar generates albuminuria, which is a process of presence of this protein in the urine, which affects the functioning of the kidneys, wreaking havoc throughout the body.

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6- Hypertension:

It is very dangerous for the cardiac system. However, according to several studies of the University of Colorado, the mere fact of consuming 74 g of sugar every day could accelerate this suffering in people. Given this, it was possible to corroborate through various scientific studies that the average daily consumption of sugars by the current society is 90 grams of sugar per day, which would reduce its consumption would be a very good idea.

7- Addiction:

It is important to note that it has been shown that there is addiction to sugar when it is consumed in large quantities. Several studies have shown that sugar causes addiction in animals, which according to various hypotheses, could also be present in humans too.

8- Alzheimer's:

High consumption of sugar produces a lot of fructose, decreasing cognitive abilities, causing this terrible disease that begins with an important loss of memory and then, people can even ignore their reality that surrounds them.

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9- Poor nutrition:

High consumption of sugar causes people the extracting of 18% of their calories to allow body to burn the sugars in it, producing deficiencies in elements necessary for body balance such as folic acid, calcium, iron and vitamins A and C.

After seeing all consequences that sugar causes in your body, we can say this: be smart and control your levels of sugar consumption! Since it is everywhere and is very harmful to health.

We hope you take these tips and live a little more and a little better.

9 Dangers Found In Sugar For Your Health

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