Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Animals That Will Amaze You

                Animals are something that scares us and make us cuddle, here is the list of few such animals knowing about who will make you fear less and love them more. But one thing isn’t gonna change that animals are something no matter how dreaded they are, they will always be loved by humans.

Other than human’s koala’s are among the very few animals that has finger prints, and their finger prints are so similar that it would be an effort for the very best of the forensic investigators to distinguish between them, even after a careful analysis under a microscope.

The mimic octopus is able to do what we always thought chameleon could do, when a predator is nearby this, octopus chooses which animal to mimic slipping into a disguise that will serve it best based on the situation and the predator.

When they are ill sheep seek out and consume medicinal plants, effectively self medicating and they also have very good memory and can remember as many as 50 different human faces.
These snakes basically flatten themselves, and then jumping from tree top to tree top covering distances of 100 meter at once in order to avoid predator and giving human’s nightmare. There is an island in Brazil where civilians are forbidden to go, it has upto 5 snakes per meter square.

Ever wonder why you never see a horse sleeping or taking a nap, that is because horses can take a sleep standing up which is a trait only horses and very old alcoholic possess, they can sleep lying down but more often than not, if your horse is lying down, it’s not sleeping and it’s probably time to call the vet. Horses can’t vomit.

Hippos are the sloppy animals of animal kingdom but hit the one and you are in trouble, a female hippo’s bite measures an astonishing 1821 pounds per square inch with the male hippos bite proving too strong to test, and if you think you can outrun them, these flabby beast can actually outrun Usain Bolt. Hippos can stay underwater for 5 minutes.

Lobsters can live for upto sixty years and don’t stop growing as they age, lobsters remain agile and they may actually be more fertile when older than when they are younger. They are amazing creature but they also taste great with a butter and melted cheese. If when cutting your raw lobster it has a bluish tail, your lobster died stressed, if no blue tale your lobster died happily.

Suicide ants are found in Malaysia and Brunei. This ant was literally born to be a martyr and is always looking for its moment of shine. When it encounters a predator it self destructs glands inside it’s body releasing a chemical cocktail that leaves any attacking predator in a bit of sticky mess, the predator is immobilize and the community is saved and in years to come this little hero ant gets songs sung about it. When skydiver Murray’s main and backup parachute failed, she approached the ground with 130 km landing on a mound of fire ants, doctors believe that the shock of being stung over 200 times by the ants released a surge of adreline that kept her heart beating.

Dolphins is the only species of animals that show altruism and this is not limited to their own species, they will stay with an injured member of their own species and will also protect humans lost at sea, each dolphins also has a name given to them in a unique whistles.  Dolphins sleep by resting one side of the brain at a time, this slows them to continue rising to the surface for air to keep the eye open to watch out for predators.

Immortal jellyfish, technically the immortal jellyfish can live forever but eternal life for the jellyfish is not as promising as it sounds, it eventually revert back to infant growing back to maturity and then repeats the cycle, quite frankly if immortality meant we have to revert back to a time we sat on our own shit we would pass. These creatures can literally be eaten shat out and then come back to life!

Hamsters often seen as cute but fairly pointless pets to the children to stop them nagging about getting them a dog, hamsters are actually very interesting animals, in the wild they live alone and construct complex burrows for them. This includes an entrance, a place to sleep, a place to eat and a place to use the toilet.

Mosquitoes that are known to carry out many diseases is found to be attracted to blue color the most.

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