Monday, 30 October 2017

Have You Been Depressed Lately?

Have You Been Depressed Lately

                Depression is rampant in current society. Everyone has suffered from depression once in a while, or we certainly know someone who has suffered from depression recently. You don’t need to dread the symptoms of depression but all you need to do is take care of yourself and follow these simple steps to reduce those symptoms.

1) Connection:
Have You Been Depressed Lately
It is the most basic need of humans and if we are connected then this connection helps us to feel fulfilled and helps us to deal with depression as well. We need human connection in order to live a complete and happy life. It can be your spouse, friends, parents or siblings as well. Share your problems with your loved ones and enjoy each and every moment of your life, it can be your victories as well as setbacks. Just make sure that you are connected to people around you.

Don’t hesitate to share your feeling with someone who cares about you.

2) Start a passion project:
Have You Been Depressed Lately
It can be anything that you really feel strongly about. Just make sure that you want to do it. It can be either learning to play an instrument or becoming good at something. Just start repeating that habit day in and day out. Then break that task into smaller goals and make sure that you do that consistently.

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Measure your progress and then make sure that you are spending a considerable amount of your time polishing the skills you need. You can even earn money to support yourself after learning what you love and lastly you can become famous doing what you love.

When we gain recognition, our self-esteem level rises up and we naturally feel good and happy.

3) Exercise:
Have You Been Depressed Lately
Many scientific researches have shown that exercising for at least 30 minutes daily can be as good as any medication that are used to alleviate symptoms of depression. You can do aerobic exercise or jog. Whatever makes you moving is helpful.

It's better if you exercise in an open environment like park or recreational centers. Just grab a pair of shoes and start running.

4) Diet and Hygiene:
Have You Been Depressed Lately
Some symptoms of depression are caused by lack of sleep or over-sleeping. Make sure that you are sleeping 6-8 hours a day and are taking complete care of your eating habits. Depression is also liked with low levels of serotonin, it is the brain chemical that is responsible for happiness.

Taking tryptophan is shown to increase levels of serotonin in the brain. Also avoid sugars and grains as much as you can. Both are linked with increased symptoms of depression especially in gluten intolerant individuals.

These are some of the remedies that you can incorporate in your daily routine and see a considerable amount of change in your mood and mental health. Following these steps will not only keep you healthy but happy as well, so you can live a complete and satisfied life.

Have You Been Depressed Lately?

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