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Health Benefits of Circuit Training

                We all know that our body tends to deposit fuel for future usage. It’s vital for our survival, but this can be bad as well. Many of us, just for overeating, are causing a lot more storing of energy than needed as fat. Only the sufferer knows how much painful fat can be. There are many ways to reduce fat but the best of them, obviously, is exercise.
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Exercise is the process that forces the body to work on a greater intensity than normal or daily activity, raising the energy consumption and burning calories. Because of its effectiveness in burning calories, it’s the best choice for reducing fat. Exercise is not only a method of losing fat but also keeping the body fit, strong and sound in the best way.

There’re many forms of exercise that allow one to lose his fat and weight, strengthen the body as well. Some maybe tiring, some may be simple and some very complex but the ultimate goal is same. Circuit training is a form of exercise that compromises different movements for different parts of the body. Circuit training is the continuous process of different steps like squats, push-ups, step-ups, bench squat, skipping etc. Different step targets different body part, so a mix of different exercises will eventually strengthen all the body parts and most of all, burn all those useless fats.

· Upper body: press-up, medicine ball chest pass, bench lift etc.
· Core and trunk: back extension chest raises, sit ups etc.
· Lower body: squat jumps, astride jumps, compass jumps etc.
· Whole body: treadmills, skipping, burpees etc.

When doing all the steps, you are allowed to rest for a couple minutes and start another step again, unless you just feel you’re about to get wrecked. The main purpose of circuit training is to keep body active most of the part and maximizing calorie burning throughout the entire workout. The quick pace of the workout is beneficial for health, giving a huge boost in weight loss. The choice of steps vary from person to person and it’s also dependent on the person’s choice and physical ability.

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The highest level of circuit training can’t be achieved in one day. This is more applicable for those who want to lose their weight. Regular workout is the best way to get accustomed to the fast pace of circuit workout. For max weight loss, it’s better to choose hard workouts like treadmill sprints and compound weight training. Maintaining a regular routine of hard circuit workout can bring the body in shape and drop the extra weight in no time.

There are numerous benefits of circuit training. It’ll increase your VO2 max, allowing more aerobic fitness and extreme stamina at the same intensity. As it strengthens your cardiac muscles, you don’t have to worry about any heart diseases. The training will improve the function of type IIa muscle fibers, improving your endurance performance. It’s also extremely effective for increasing your physical strength. Along with dieting, circuit training can decrease your fats in a very short time. If you’re looking for your physical fitness, subtract the dieting and circuit training will give its best on your body.

Health Benefits of Circuit Training

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