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How Bad Is It To Consume Fats For Our Body?

How Bad Is It To Consume Fats For Our Body

                Generally, we hear terrible things about the intake of fats and about the harmful ones that are for our organism, that favor the overweight and a lot of things but the reality is that they are indispensable to be able to survive, of course, that in moderate amounts and we should not ingest some types of food that pose a risk to health.

The good and the bad of fats:

They are a source of energy for our body, which is used on special occasions like when you decide not to eat or not to eat carbohydrates, or an extreme physical effort, these fats in our body come to our defense, and if we do not have them we can cause serious problems to our health.

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Of course, your intake should be controlled because if you eat many foods high in fat and you are not in any of the above situations, they will accumulate in certain parts of your body and may endanger the functioning of one of your vital organs.

The real problem

The saying goes that all excesses are bad and in this case applies perfect, unfortunately, the consumption of foods with high-fat content has been increasing either because they increase their taste or because some of these fats act as a conservative or by various factors that have made it somewhat uncontrolled and excessive which causes severe health problems.

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Some of the problems that can cause you to eat excess fats:

  • All that extra food you eat, not necessary for your body, the body accumulates as if it were fat, which can cause not only affect your figure but also your health.
  • Those great foods that run off fat are terrible for your stomach because they irritate it and if you have gastritis the problem gets worse. Watch out!
  • Many of the most common diseases in recent times like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks etc. have been linked to excess body fat.
  • To burn a kilo of fat you must spend 7000 calories.

How Bad Is It To Consume Fats For Our Body?

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