Thursday, 5 October 2017

How Can An Egg Defy Gravity?

                Since the beginning of time, humans have been extremely curious about their existence and the world, trying to explain in physical terms how everything happens or exists. Scientists, researchers and doctors, altogether have tried and succeeded in explaining certain phenomenon from our day to day life.

However, it was not enough for us to understand the biggest mysteries of our existence but to take it further, we wanted to understand how certain objects seem to defy gravity. It is about yo yos and spinning tops. As children we were fascinated by their behaviour, and we still are. It seems that some things that are in rotation can produce a miracle, the one of defying the gravity. We all wanted to be astronauts for at least one day.

To take it one step further, what happens if you boil an egg and spin it fast horizontally? You may get surprised while observing its motion. Therefore, the subject being uncovered, let me explain.

This movement has to do with its angular velocity and its stability. The phenomenon is quite interesting to understand, but only if physics is a hobby or passion of yours. However, this depends on its mass and centre of gravity, along with its initial velocity, the one you give it. It is said that the friction between the eggshell and the surface forces the egg to shift its position to preserve energy.

So if you are curious how the movement unfolds and have a bit of magic from a simple experiment, boil the egg hard, spin it fast and observe.

Moreover, ask yourself, on which end will it stand upon?


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