Monday, 2 October 2017

Lessons We Ought To Teach Our Kids

                All parents wish the best for their kids. We want to raise our children right as well as always be there for them. As parents, we have responsibility for teaching our kids many things – how to help other, how to show sympathy, how to use kind words etc. Raising a kid needs huge time and patience to build up a good relationship. Today’s generation is very sharp to learn, follow whatever we do. So, as parents, we need to watch their every step in order to impart the best learnings to our kids. Almighty has gifted us the power to raise our kids into a good human being.

Few important features that parents should follow:
· First of all, we should teach our kids to fear and believe in Almighty too much rather than little.
· We should not force our decision on them. Let them be happy in their own way.
· We should teach our kids the importance of courtesies and manners, good behavior and discipline.
· We should inspire them to be liberal as well as receptive to learning from both negative and positive life conditions.
· As kids are great imitators, so we have to provide them something great to imitate.
· Describe and tell the kids that parents are the best teachers, guides, protectors, leaders, and providers for them. To encourage, we should tell them – “We will always be a part of their life, no matter how busy we are”.
· As children are like a mirror, they do what they hear and see. That’s why we should be a good reflection on them. Explain and show the example about the power of tongue for evil or good.
· Nowadays, the internet is intricately woven. So we should explicitly teach them how to protect themselves as well as their identities online.
· We should teach basic life skill, for instance, cleaning, cooking, and laundry etc.
· Never break your promise. We should always keep our promise.
· Teach children to remain positive, to love unconditionally and focus more on the brighter side of life.
Kids learn more from what we are than what we teach. Parenting is not a practice, it is a regularly learning experience that we can get from our children. Parents love their children more than they have ever loved themselves. Remember, there is no teacher equal to a virtual dad/mom as well as no school equal to a decent home. Each kid is like different kinds of flowers. Together, they are able to make our world a beautiful garden.
This is not a complete list, but those lessons and skills, I believe are important for our kids to learn. Each day of our lives, we make a deposit in the memory stores of our children. It’s significant to teach our children the difference between good and evil. They have to learn that good will always triumph over evil, no matter what. Enable them to express the beauty they possess in their souls. For the betterment of them and the world, we have to take care of them with all our love and passion to flourish this wonderful world.
Lessons We Ought To Teach Our Kids

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