Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Biggest Mystery: Do You Know What HAARP Is?

                This is probably one of the biggest mysteries of our time. It is supposed to be a research project to protect the world. Moreover, we have to discuss about an uncomfortable truth that has generated many debates about its real function. Let’s get started with this big mystery.

First, we have to say that this is a project called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), which according to its creators (Air Force, University of Alaska and the United States Navy) responds to an alternative to study the behavior of the earth, especially the ionosphere, based on Nicola Tesla’s theories.

In this sense, the purpose of the project is to study the properties of the earth and to promote various advances in radio communication and telecommunications, as well as the defense of the US territory of possible missile attacks.

This project has been discussed around the world and of course, no media speaks about this reality. For these reasons, we have brought you more information about this "research project" and its particular characteristics that have triggered alarms in different sectors of society.

1- HAARP is a set of antennas that through the emission of waves modify the behavior of the ionosphere, generating natural reactions by the ecosystem of the planet earth as “reflexes”. It is responsible for emitting electromagnetic waves into the atmosphere, which are based on hundreds of millions of watts of power and heat the atmosphere in a significant way, causing a largely ionization in any space on earth because it can be directed anywhere.

2- HAARP is an existing project in Alaska, which is apparently closed for "lack of resources". However, through Google Maps, you can find satellite photos of the installation and at the same time, they have a website, which has updated information, adding that the project cost was 250 million dollars. You can verify the information here: Source

3- HAARP has 180 high frequency antennas that send electromagnetic waves to the ionosphere to warm it up and expect a natural reaction from the planet earth. This project has never been denied by the administration of the United States government and even there are several theories that point out that the various natural disasters of recent times are the responsibility of this weapon, for example, you can verify this link:

4 - There was a complaint in February 1998 made to the European Parliament and its Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense held in Brussels by the Swedish government, who warned of the refusal of the United States to show evidence to the public hearing on the environmental and public risks of the HAARP program. However, many people still believe that these things can be just lies.

5 - Can HAARP cause earthquakes, hurricanes and other different types of geological and climatic tragedies? This is one of the greatest questions on this article. In addition, you can look for more information about this subject so that you know better its operation and its scope.

6 - One of the characteristics denounced by many users (with evidences captured in video), is that before the catastrophes occurred, the sky becomes of certain very particular colors and on the other hand, the clouds take strange appearances that respond to the behavior or reaction of the ionosphere. According with some researches, HAARP is the responsible of this.

7 - HAARP is no longer only in the United States, there are countries where there are already these antennas that serve this project where supposedly is sought to avoid missile attacks and detect any kind of foreign object in the sky. Nevertheless, is this the whole truth about this project?

The strangest thing is that there are comments on YouTube for more than a week, where users said they were going to use this weapon for the earthquake in Mexico two days ago, raising questions about this mysterious project that we have brought you in this article.

Look at this link, where there is a user named Miguel Flores, who said that they were going (HAARP) to cause an earthquake in Mexico, as it happened in effect (WTF):

If you already know what HAARP is, you are smarter than before and you can spread the information to others. We will continue.

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