Thursday, 12 October 2017

Top 5 Deadliest creatures on this Planet

                 The existence of animals on this planet enhances its beauty and natural appearance. There are a small number of human friendly animals which includes different breeds among dogs and cats. Dogs are considered as more friendly towards the human beings as compared to the cats, but still both of them can be tamed as pets and can enjoy living with the humans together.

Besides the existence of the human friendly animals, there are a huge number of the deadliest animals that also exists. These animals can be huge beast like a lion or they can be as small as a mosquito. However, both of them are considered as the deadliest creatures.

1. Mosquito

Well, without any doubt the mosquito species ranks the top of the list as the most deadly creature on this planet. According to the reports, this tiny little deadly creature which is fed on the blood of living beings including humans is reported to take approximately 2-3 million human lives each year. Although some of the mosquito species are harmless but there are species which can inject serious diseases in the human blood. The most commonly reported diseases are malaria, dengue fever and west Nile fever. Therefore it is necessary to use the anti mosquito sprays and other mosquito killer detergents to get saved from this deadly creature.

2. Lion

A lion is known as the king of the jungle. A lion is capable of haunting down its prey within minutes, due to its sharp intelligence, mighty strength and ability to quickly attack its target. Mostly, the lions are found in the Africa jungles and according to the reports they cause approximately 250-300 deaths per year.

3. Snake

Snakes are found in almost every part of the world. They have many species and some of them are very powerful and can instantly kill its prey on the spot. They have venomous tongue which can inject poison in the body of its target. Around the world there are thousands of deaths which are caused by the snake bites. Moreover, they have a terrifying appearance and cunning eyes which further contributes towards their deadly personality.

4. Shark

Usually the sharks roam in groups and they have excellent senses. They can sense their prey with their extra ordinary senses. They have very strong eating ability and can easily tear apart any creature. Although the number of deaths are quite low per year but still they are very deadly creatures in the sea world.

5. Dogs

Yes, you have heard it right that a dog is a man’s best friend, but this phrase is only limited to the professionally tamed dogs. However, a dog may contain rabies virus and if it bites its target then the virus can be transferred from him to the target. Although there are several vaccines available but there are thousands of deaths which are caused by the dogs each year.

There are a number of other deadly creatures which exists in the planet; however the mosquito ranks the top of the list which caused the most deaths per year.

Top 5 Deadliest creatures on this Planet

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