Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Top 5 Surprisingly Strange Hotels

                The vacation season is around the corner and the hotel bookings are on rise. The possibility to get booking in a conventional hotel is low and therefore the best way to enjoy the vacations is by adapting some adventure in life.

There are many types of accommodation options such as five star luxury hotels, resorts and guests villas. However, the chances of getting booking in them are difficult during the seasonal months. Therefore the best available option is try out some of the surprisingly strange hotels. These hotels is not like a normal three, four or five star hotel, perhaps these hotels have completely different infrastructure with unusual features which the normal star hotel would lack out. So, if you want to add some adventure in your trip then you must try out these strange or crazy hotels.

1. Henn-na Hotel – Japan

The tech themed featured hotel is located in Huis ten Bosch theme park in Japan. The unusual thing about this strange hotel is that the hotel staff is not any ordinary human being. It is managed by a team of robots. Mostly the clerical jobs are performed by these robots. However, if anything goes wrong the hotel also has the human staff facility as backup.

2. Långholmen hotel – Sweden

Långholmen hotel is situated in the heart of Sweden. The hotel is inspired by the prison theme and offers interesting packages for its guests. The tourists can select either a prison themed accommodation or a regular accommodation. The difference between the both is that the prison theme based accommodation is like a locked jail quarter with bunk beds. Moreover, the hotel staff is also dressed in the typical prison guard clothes which really ranks this hotel as a top surprisingly strange hotel.

3. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland.

Kakslauttanen resort is one of the finest resorts in Finland. For those who are looking to have a great time in winters than this resort is a reliable choice. The resort has unusually accommodation options in the form of igloos. Although the igloos are well build with all the modern amenities and luxurious infrastructure yet the concept of the hotel is totally and surprisingly strange.

4. Das Parkhotel, Germany.

Well if you are facing trouble getting accommodation in a hotel then do not worry you can still live in a barrel. Does it sound strange? Yes it does for all of us; however the Das Park hotel features accommodation in the form of comfortable barrels. Travelers should experience the life in a barrel at least once in a life time.

5. Giraffe Manor – Kenya

Those who are looking to enjoy the vacation in a wildlife environment than the Giraffe Manor hotel is the best choice. The hotel has well designed windows, where every morning during the breakfast the Giraffes are set free and they can pop up in any window to have some snacks to eat.

Well, sometimes it is better to add some adventure in the vacations and the best way to do this is by booking an accommodation in the unusual and surprisingly strange hotels. Nevertheless, this will not only make your trip full of excitement but you will also experience and learn more.

Top 5 Surprisingly Strange Hotels

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