Sunday, 1 October 2017

Unusual Amazing Information About Tigers

                We are always curious to know the amazing facts about animals. Our beautiful planet is full of many amazing creatures. Among them, the tiger is one of the most well-known and recently, voted as “The Most Favorite Animal” among the people. In the animal world, tigers are an impressively powerful, the biggest cat as well as is an iconic creature. Tigers are the largest member of the cat family, has a beautiful black and orange striped coats and is the most varied large cat on the planet. Although they are a magnificent animal, they are endangered because of our carelessness. To be aware of this admirable largest cat, we should learn about them. There are many amazing facts of a tiger. Unfortunately, most of us are not familiar with these.

Here, I have shared 10 interesting and amazing facts about this rare creature.

1. Many strange amazing facts about animals amazed us. Such as, tigers are a ferocious animal, lead solitary lives but their urine smells like buttered popcorn. They use their urine in order to warn off other tigers and to mark their territories. Before spraying urine, they scratch trees. Sniffing this urine, one tiger is able to know the urine owner's age, reproductive condition, and gender.
2. It’s a common nature of all cats to purr but the tiger is not able to purr. They close their eyes and squint when they feel safe, comfortable and happy.
3. Roaring is common for a cat, right? But tigers only roar to interconnect with far-off tigers. Otherwise, the tiger doesn’t roar at other creatures.
4. Tiger’s pattern of stripes are most amazing as their stripes are as unique as human fingerprints – those never match with one another.
5. When many tigers, male & female are present to prey, the male tiger frequently waits for cubs & female to eat first.
6. Most of the tiger’s eyes are yellow but white tiger’s eyes are usually blue because of the genetic factor. The gene that causes white fur also causes the blue eye color.
7. Tigers have a pretty good short term memory that stays longer than humans’. It can easily remember how amazing it took down a wild boar and be proud of himself, “Wow, I’m good!”
8. Tiger’s stripes are not only visible on their fur but also on their skin. If you shaved them, you will see that those stripes are also visible on their skin.
9. We know that cats hate water. However, this large cat really likes water, for example, to swim. Tigers are able to mate with another cat like a lion and the Siberian tiger is the biggest cat in the world.
10. A tiger cub is born blind. When matured, they can run at 60 kilometers per hour and generally lives 25 years.
It’s true that after knowing these amazing facts about animals, you’ll definitely feel more passionate about them. Every animal is an important asset of the nature that keeps the ecosystem balanced in every way. For the sake of our own, we have to take care of all animals and allow them to live peacefully.

Unusual Amazing Information About Tigers

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