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What Happened To Jim Carrey?

                Many of us have had the opportunity to laugh aloud at some of his films, while others dislike it, and many do not care about him.

During the 90's, Jim Carrey was one of the faces of comedy in the cinema, he was one of the actors that stood out in the industry and marveled the public with their good performances in various roles. However, his career began to fall with the passage of the years to such an extent that he is hardly in the eye of the media.

Jim Carrey

Although Jim was very successful and was one of the most outstanding as a good comedian, this was not happy, or so he used to say.

He went so far as to claim that the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)" in which he portrayed a confused and unhappy man, the character was based on his life, his personal experience, each of his emotions.

That is, the actor who showed joy in public was a very lonely and sad person when he moved away from the screens.

Jim Carrey

Few years ago, although this actor's career began to fall, it always remained in the public eye, or well, it did until the death of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White in 2015, who died in very strange circumstances.

Cathriona decided to commit suicide with the depression pills that had prescribed to her. This pain was one of the causes that Jim decided to move further away from the eye of the media, and even more, when this one was accused of having been the cause of the suicide of his girlfriend for having finished the relationship he had with her since 2012.

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By the time of her death, White left a letter in which she said goodbye to Jim and apologized for what he was going to do. She said that she was not "having the strength to continue with a broken heart" which was accompanied by messages that the model had sent days before the event, so the family of White blamed her death, this situation reached the court.

Jim Carrey

In 2015, we could notice that Jim was shattered while he was carrying the coffin of his partner for several years, while this was part of her funeral. Following this event, the public appearances Jim declined to such an extent that it was a surprise when he posted a photo on his Twitter account in April. He was citing "Happy Easter or Resurrection Day, or the reason makes you feel warm and loved, ”this accompanied by an image in which you notice a huge beard, and you notice a very careless look.

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After all the pain experienced by the actor, he decided to seek refuge in the painting, by which "He would heal his broken heart." The actor published a photograph in Vine in early August, along with a small documentary in which his passion for art is described. In the video published in which the actor is seen painting different pictures for only six minutes, he is also seen molding figures with clay, creating "Art" but everything is seen with total peace and tranquility.

Jim Carrey

"I needed color" is the title of the documentary in which the protagonist of "The Mask" opens the doors to his world, and shows us the whole process of creation in which he himself has made a refuge for healing part of his wounds.

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Now, the actor has made some very strange statements that lead us to think about what happened with Jim Carrey? The actor accuses the Illuminati of having control not only over the film industry and over the show. He assures us that this "group" controls everything we see and do not see; control our lives and create an evil "system" that aims to make us slaves and somehow to have absolute control of our lives.

Jim Carrey

The last episode of this story, were statements he made last month, where he left the interviewer stunned and incredulous. Jim Carrey says that his girlfriend was killed (the Illuminati elite) and that they were the ones who made him disappear from the world of cinema. After seeing all this, we invite you to look for more information and wait for new information on: what happened to Jim Carrey?

What Happened To Jim Carrey?

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