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How To Choose Your Pet

How To Choose Your Pet

                We know this little animal that you met yesterday in the pet window shop has melted your heart, and you think you're ready to put your money on the seller's counter and claim it quickly to have it at your sides, I will stop you, that's not the right decision to take!

Adopting an animal on a whim can make you regret your choice later if you have not thought about all that it implies to have this little being at home, there are certain reasons that are not right according to homeoanimal website

Here Are All The Main Points To Study Before You Decide:

  • The environment in which you live.
  • How much space do you think you can offer to your future companion?
  • If you do not live alone, think about your roommates or your family
  • Will your availability be sufficient for your pet?
  • Think of the budget that you can give your pet

Which Species Do You Choose?

Dogs: The title of man's best friend, these animals are famous for their astonishing intelligence and their constant demand for attention. Full of energy and love, they will ally quickly to you and the whole family. On the other hand, they ask for a lot of time and affection to be happy and fit.

Cats: If you are looking for an independent animal which does not ask too much of your attention, the cat is a perfect choice. Although some, as rare as they are, can be very playful and cuddly, they endure better than dogs the long periods they are left alone.

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Birds: Parrots and parakeets are the most affectionate of birds, but end up with only one member of the family. If you are not a fan of noise or talking beasts, they are not for you. What's more, you will have to clean their cages frequently.

Fish and a lot more: They are pretty, colorful, calm and soothe the mind when we look at them, but we cannot hope to form a friendly bond with them. Maintaining an aquarium can be both fun and cumbersome!

Adopt An Animal, Yes, But At What Age?

Although this factor seems trivial, it should not be taken lightly, because the needs of an animal can change during its evolution. The idea of choosing a little kitten or a puppy is charming because we imagine their adorable face at this age, but we forget the fact that they will ask for more attention and will become even more expensive to maintain if these animals will be great!

Young animals: As mentioned above, their demand for attention and their needs are growing. Species like cats and dogs could ask for obedience training. Rodents or birds will need all your time, between the constant demands for food and affection, and a warm climate so they can grow.

Others may scratch or nibble supplies from home. Regular vaccines should be respected. Moreover, once an adult, the temperament of an animal can change.

Adult animals: Taking Adult animals at a mature age can be seen difficult, but according to Pfeiffer on, older pets could be a joy. Indeed, they may have been abused in the past, so it can take them a while to get used to you and accept you. However, their age allows them to play with young children without worries.

Remember that in animal shelters, adult animals are often put aside, so adopting one is equivalent to saving a life, think about it!

Where to adopt them?

You know which animal to choose, but you do not know where to have it? Several options exist. Some receive animals from their neighbor because theirs has just given birth, others adopt or buy, and finally, some lucky ones find a little being at their door, all chilly and asking only their love. But what will happen to you?

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Animal shelters: Thousands of animals end up there, after being abandoned, lost, abused or beaten. And due to a large number of these, refuges eventually resort to euthanasia. Adopting an animal from a shelter would be a good thing because it will save you. Their prices are quite reasonable, and they are all vaccinated. What's more, the staff knows the majority of animals and can help you choose.

Pet Shops: They operate as pet adoption agencies, and some of them work with local shelters to help get adoption.

Finally, there are some other options out there such as going to the Humane Society or perhaps the breeder's spot, the budget is higher, but they are the right option for you. You have arrived at the end of this post, now you're informed on this subject. No more adopting an animal without thinking, now you know what to expect and which companion will suit you best.


How To Choose Your Pet

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