Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Work And Life Balance - How Essential Is It?

                The age-old question of why and how to have a work-life balance is what that revolves in every toiler’s mind. With this recent fast paced world, maintaining a work-life balance has become near about impossible. Every now and then we see people fight over trivial issues because of imbalanced work-life. Organizations expect a lot from their employers with in directly makes them difficult to meet up the expectations of their personal life. Just like we are encouraged to have healthy balanced diet for our well-being similarly a healthy and balanced work-life is equally essential for an individual’s prosperity. All work and no play can make jack a dull boy, and all work and no life can make us lubricious persons. What better lesson of management one can get then from ones living of life with balance. Let’s dig deep into the whys and how’s of work-life balance to understand its importance.

Why does one need this balance? Not that our life is stopping without this balance. Then why is so much emphasis on the balance.

It is required because:
· Find yourself constantly under huge amount of distress affecting your personal, professional, and social life.

· Play at par to the role your assigned to. If you are at work, your undivided attention should be on your tasks, similarly if you are at home, should be present enjoying the moments of your life rather than dragging along your work.

· To be at your best of the health.

· Creates time for your hobbies.

Now we understood as in why is this balance is so much essential, it is time to look how to bring this balance. Regardless, one should make efforts to customize your time and energy with right set of rules to strike the balance between work and life. Set of ways to do so are:

· Always remember the thin line between your work and work at your home.

· Start with setting up your priorities straight.

· Never forget your me-time alongside the balance.

· Be updated with your employers’ policies.

· Whether you require to communicate at home for your work pressure or at your work regarding issues at home. Always make sure to communicate well.

· Now a days we have an added advantage of technology, put it to use for your own ease.

· Make it a habit to say “NO” at times.

After all the above reading, it is time to put the whys and how’s to good use. Always remember a better-balanced individual will not only keep his/her near and dear ones happy but can also can contribute efficiently towards the progress of his work place. With changing times even employers have understood the value of work-life balance and encourage various benefits for its employees. In short, there are six keys to be managed for a balanced work-life and they are TIME, STRESS, CHANGE, TECHNOLOGY AND LESIURE. If you are an employer, remember that balanced employee would lead to progressive work and rising profit charts and if you’re an employee, a balanced you is a better you on every role of your life.

Stay balanced Live longer!!

Work And Life Balance - How Essential Is It?

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