Wednesday, 1 November 2017

5 Psychological Thrillers That Will Keep You On Your Feet

1) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: 
Pyschological Thrillers

The first movie on the list is David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The film starring millennials’ James Bond aka Daniel Craig is filled with suspense and does an excellent job to fascinate the audience with its intricately orchestrated story and sublime direction. The film also showcases the incredible acting of Rooney Mara as Elizabeth Salander, an outcast feminine archetype and a kick-ass computer hacker who can perform almost any task that align with her goals. David Fincher does an amazing job to direct this complex thriller that focuses on family drama, alienation, missing person investigation and psychopathy. Every intriguing aspect needed to film a psychological thriller is incorporated in this movie. To make things simpler for you, it is A MUST WATCH!

2)Black Swan:
Pyschological Thrillers

This psychological thriller features a ballerina dancer starring Natalie Portman as a woman who's so obsessed with perfection that she’s obliterated by it. The path that she takes to perfection leads self-destructive behavior and loathing for herself. She is controlled by matriarchal obsession. Having being controlled by her mother from the very beginning, she pushes herself to the limits to achieve the illusory sense of perfection that will make her feel worthy of herself. The movie is filled with intense moments of suspense that dives deep into the mind of protagonist and what drives her feelings. This Darren Arronofsky’s movie is definitely a treat to watch for the people who are fans of the genre and even for those who like to watch movies.

Pyschological Thrillers

David Fincher's best overall film reached a cult status as soon as it was released, and this amazing movie made the Showpiece director Bong Joon Ho say that it is a 'perfect film'. The film stars Jake Gyllenhall, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. All the performances in this movie do justice to the intricate story that is captured beautifully by the genius direction of David Fincher.
The first half of the film is filmed almost like an apocalyptic movie( that’s the most intriguing aspect of a psychological thriller). While watching the movie it feels as if something disastrous is going to happen. The director uses constant reminders of the last horrific scene to build up the tension and tempo of the storyline. It is almost like listening to a well-structured song that slowly builds up and lays a perfect foundation on which the remaining part is layered to provide the listeners with a masterpiece that you rarely find.
The rest of the movie is not only a nail biting suspense but also a perfect amalgamation of great direction, gripping storyline and relatable scenarios that holds the attention of the audience till the very last frame of the movie. Once you will start watching this movie, you will sit through the whole movie without even hesitating for once.

4) Red Dragon:
Pyschological Thrillers

It is a part of the series that follows the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lecter. This movie follows the life of Hannibal before he leaves civilian life. The movie also stars Ralph Fiennes ( aka Voldemort) and is portrayed as a psychopath having troubled memories from the past. The movie unfolds its each layer in such a way that it’s a treat to watch for the movie-goers.
There are some horrific scenes featuring Dr. Hannibal Lecter ofcourse. One of them include him cutting the skull of a person and still keeping him alive( WARNING for the light hearted). All in all, Red Dragon is as good as a psychological thriller can get.

5) Fracture:
Pyschological Thrillers

This psychological thriller released in 2007 stars Anthony Hopkins as a structural engineer who shoots his wife in the head in his own home and yet the police and authorities fail to find any evidence against him. The film also stars young Ryan Gosling as an upcoming lawyer who likes to win. The procedure of court hearings and investigation into the homicide case are some of the features that make this movie worth watching.

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