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Ultimate Facts of Black Friday, History of Black Friday

History Of Black Friday
The one thing men have had to deal with all their lives is their lady’s undying love for shopping. If you are a helpless man catering to your partner’s wild shopping lists or a woman who is always ready to go shopping - you must have also heard about Black Friday at least once in your life (we can bet you’ve heard about it more than once). But do you really know what it really is? This article is the ultimate guide to everything that is worth knowing about the phenomenal Black Friday !

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is dubbed as the biggest sales day of the year. It starts right after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is mostly on the fourth Thursday of November ever year so the following weekend is when the Black Friday sales kick off. Black Friday sales are popularly carried out all around the world in retails in-house stores as well as for online shopping platforms. However, the duration of these sales is not definite and varies from one day to weekend, a full week and a whole month too.

Sneak Peek Into Its History

If we peek into history of Black Friday, we see a different meaning to this day than the one that is generally known. Historically, Black Friday happened on September 24, 1869. The US stock market badly crashed on this day losing major indexes and all the gold rates went down the drain too.

Another historical account that is associated with Black Friday is a day in American history when floods of people turned up in the local markets of Philadelphia to shop. The outcome was hundreds of deaths and a severe traffic jam. So basically Black Friday got its name from a dark incident of the past but has turned into a shopping extravaganza in the recent times.

The Biggest Binge Shopping Time of The Year

Ultimate Facts of Black Friday
Despite having many different accounts of history being reported for this day, Black Friday is indeed known for being the biggest binge shopping time of the year. Retailers and brands, whether in-house or on online websites are hugely involved in offering mind boggling and dramatic discounts. The discounts can actually go down to up to 90% on various products. The sales begin right after the Thanksgiving weekend and last right up to Christmas. Traditionally, the online sales only last for a week or so. The main reason for this sale is however, to attract as many customers as possible to buy things that they would normally think twice before purchasing. The discount deals and promotional offers are unbelievable and surely hard to miss out on!

Interesting Facts About Black Friday

Black Friday has been popular for centuries now. The reasons that have contributed to its popularity have always varied but the central idea remains to be the same whatsoever. Below we shed light on some of the most interesting yet unique facts about the Black Friday. Most of the below mentioned facts have been left unexplored for many years.

Fact 1 – Busiest Shopping Day of The Year
The first but not very uncommon fact about this sale is that it is regarded as the busiest day of the year. This fact might have dual meaning for many people since Black Friday is now not only a single sales day but has rather become a sales month. Whatsoever, ever since 2001 it has been crowned the busiest shopping day for retailers and brands.

Fact 2 – Busiest Day for Plumbers
Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and this is something that can be believed but what if we told you it is also the busiest day for plumbers? As bizarre and strange as it may sound but plumbers have the greatest earning of the year on this day to since it is the weekend right after Thanksgiving holiday.

Fact 3 – 18% Customers On Black Friday Are Drunk
If a recently published study in Mexico was to be believed, then around 18 to 20 percent of customers shopping on Black Friday are drunk. This percentile is for the customers all around the globe collectively. However, this only indicates towards a lot of regret once they get sober.

Fact 4 – 32% Americans Buy On Black Friday
Thirty-two percent of the total population of the United States of America engages in shopping activity on the Black Friday weekend. It might not sound special at first but if you look at the bigger picture, you realize these stats are sky-high! 32% Americans means almost 100+ million people shop during this annual sale!

Fact 5 – Annual Deaths Are Reported On This Day
Though it might seem this fact has nothing to do with the sales day but it in fact does. As Black Friday was a name that originated when hundreds of people died whilst shopping back in the 1960’s, it seems like the curse still lingers. Although the number has decreased drastically but every year still 10 to 15 deaths are reported due to crashing or suffocating in the oceans of crows of people.

Fact 6 – There Are Days Dedicated To Different Products
Black Friday was initially a single day when huge discounts were offered to customers. However, now the sales have extended over a week and even month. During this period, there are days that are specified for certain products. So basically it is like discount on clothing on Monday, accessories on Tuesday, electronics on Wednesday and so on it continues.

Fact 7 – Customers Are Estimated To Spend An Average 300-500 USD Each
According to an average estimate, there are millions of customers that engage in shopping during the sales. Each customer is estimated to spend around 300 to 500 USD on purchases.

Fact 8 – It Is Not The Cheapest Day
Whilst there is a general belief that the Black Friday sales are when the products are at their cheapest price but that is seriously totally wrong. It is not the cheapest day of the year but the potential customers are made to believe so. It is most likely a delusion for the consumers and buyers.

Fact 9 – Shopping Online Is More Popular Than Retail
Black Friday sales are valid for all in-house retail stores as well as online shopping platforms. However, not many people turn up on the stores during the sale. To avoid the crowd and all the hassle involved, shopping online during the Black Friday sales is much more popular than retail buying.

Fact 10 – You Can Make Pre-Orders To Make Sure You Don’t Face ‘Ran Out Of Stock’ Misery
In the recent years Black Friday has become a very popular trend and understandably the demand during the sale days has also increased. This means you might often have to face a run out of products even by the first day of the sales. However, did you know that you can even place pre-orders for the products. Pre-bookings start as soon as month of November begins.

Fact 11 – Retailers Spend A Full Year Planning Sales
Black Friday sales are so popular that every year millions of people buy during this time period. People save all year to buy products during the sale and the retailers spend an equal amount of time planning the sales. Most brands start planning for the next year’s sales right after they are done with the existing one.

Fact 12 – Discounts Might Even Vary On Black Friday
The one thing that should be known about the Black Friday is that although retailers promise huge discounts on this day but not all discounts or concessions are equal. This is why it is ideal to compare all prices from different sale sources before you buy any products.

Fact 13 – Low Quality And Damaged Items Are Put Up For Sale
Since customers are blinded by the high discounts that are offered during the sale, they tend to start believing that they are actually making great deals at an unbelievably low cost. It would be very hard to believe that most of the products and items that are put up for sale are low quality and damaged. The retailers actually manage to sell damaged products and even refurbished electronics at a profit margin even during the sale days.

Fact 14 – Social Networking Sites Are Used For Promotions
Banners, brochures and billboards are hardly used these days for promotional or advertising purposes. However, the Black Friday sales are mostly promoted on social networking sites. Brands and retailers promote their sales on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Other social networking platforms are also used.

Fact 15 – It Is A Popular Sales Trend Globally
Black Friday was initiated in the United States and remained popular only in America for almost a decade. However, around the 1980s the sales trend gradually started making its way into other parts of the world. Post 2000, it has been a popular sales trend in more than 50+ countries including America, England, India, Pakistan, UAE, Germany, Australia, China and Japan.
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