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The Best Amazing Exotic Animals You Can Own

Amazing Exotic Animals You Can Own
                An exotic animal is one that is not native to the place where you live. Some are apt to have in your home, but others for obvious reasons (they can be aggressive or wild), besides that the pethelpful site makes it clear the law could persecute you to have them in your house, either because they are in danger of extinction or by its dangerousness.

You must be very careful, in the illegal market you can find very nice animals, but you should not only think about your profit. Everyone needs their care, food and some if they are not in their natural environment and others of their kind will never survive.

Exotic Pets You Could Have In Your Home;

  • Tarantula
  • Hedgehog Ground
  • Bearded dragon
  • Ferrets and more


If you are phobic, the arachnids skip this point. Many people love tarantulas, not only have them in a special fish tank but like to touch and hold them in their hands. The interesting thing is that tarantulas can survive in any environment and their lives can reach the age of 25. So you can accompany for a long time.

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Its size varies a lot. In your tank or container, you must have a special substrate, a jar with water and some branches so it can climb, among other things. According To Thespruce.Com tarantula’s feeding usually consists of insects, like crickets, cockroaches and also some fruits.

Hedgehog Ground
Hedgehog Ground

These cute animals are becoming very popular lately. They live between 3 and 8 years, but they require a lot of care. It’s essential to note that in some nations it's not legal to have a hedgehog, check the laws before acquiring one. You must house him in a large cage, and it’s best if he is accompanied by others of his kind.

In the cage, you should have wooden shavings in place, toys, water and you should always control the temperature, which should be between 22ºC and 27ºC. If it’s too cold, you could kill the hedgehog.

Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragon

Origin of desert areas: From the iguana family, it’s quite commercialized throughout the world. Although generally in captivity lives in a terrarium, it’s not something that he likes very much, it is good you let him go out to eat and walk around the room.

According to a report on wideopenpet bearded dragon feed on vegetables, fruits and some small animals like crickets, worms, snails, mice and some reptiles. It's important that the diet is complete, so he does not get sick.


Another fertile exotic animal is ferrets. Ferrets are very nice and friendly. They must have a large cage, at least 90x60x70, although it’s always good to take them out to play and walk. Your feeder should be those that are attached to the cage bars, to prevent them throwing their food.

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The food you should give it is reassuring that it’s the specific one they fed them with, there are also some goodies to reward them. The drinker should be bottle-tipped and with a metal tip. They must have water and food all the time available.

Each Exotic Pet Requires Your Care, So It Is Always A Matter Of Paying Attention To Details.

Some animals like ferrets need to be vaccinated against rabies and distemper, but in some countries, these vaccines are not available. Make sure before purchasing an exotic pet that all the pets and medicines your pet may need are available in your country and at a price that you can access.

Special food.
There are exotic animals that even have balanced food like dogs and cats, others enjoy eating vegetables and leaves, but some require live animals (such as boas) and other ingredients that may not be available in your country. When buying an exotic animal ask everything you think necessary.

The first sanitary guarantee that you must obtain is the security of buying the animal from a reliable source that raised it in captivity. Otherwise, they can transmit dangerous diseases.

In some US states, you may have lions, lemurs, and kangaroos, but the consequences are in plain sight since 1990 there are more than 100 deaths recorded by exotic domestic dangerous animals.

Finally, the laws change a lot in each country, and it's essential that you report on exotic animals for sale, legality, care, and maintenance before getting into a mess that can cause you from legal problems to injuries and death in extreme cases.

Discover Here The Best Amazing Exotic Animals You Can Own

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