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What Is The Real Solution of Climate Change

What Is The Real Solution of Climate Change
Climate change, everyone talks about it but no one does anything to reduce its effects or look for its solutions. People know about its hazardous effects and even what has caused the climate to change and the drastic effects it could cause in the future, still, people are relaxed about this situation.

What Is Climate Change?
Before finding the solutions to climate change. You should first know what climate change actually is. People generally confuse the meanings of weather and climate and consider it as synonyms. But this is not the case, they both are completely different. Weather is your day to day changes in temperature, it may be sunny in your area today and might rain tomorrow and weather differs from place to place.

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While climate is the typical weather of one place which can also mean seasons, for instance, your area might be really hot and humid in the summers and really cold and dry in the winters, that is the climate of your area. Different regions have different climates. One thing you might not know is that there is also Earth’s climate, which you get by combining all the climates of the world together.

Climate change is the increase in the temperature of the surface of the Earth, also referred to as Global warming. This also means the depletion of the Ozone Layer. The Ozone Layer is really important for the sustenance of the Earth as it protects the Earth from the harmful rays of the sun and acts as a barrier in between the sun and the Earth.

In easy words, climate change means that the Earth is getting hotter and hotter which is causing problems now and could have serious harmful effects in the future if not stopped now.

This climate change phenomenon has been proven by the NASA, by the Aeronautics and the space administration, by the oceanic and atmospheric administration and by the environmental protection agency and it is occurring at quite a fast rate.

The Causes of Climate Change
The climate change is mostly caused by the human factors and some natural factors. The revolution of the Earth dates back to some 1000 years ago. The temperature of the Earth is dependant on the balance between the atmospheric air particles and the air particles in the space.

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The balance of the air particle is caused by the natural elements in the earth such as the natural gases, the carbon dioxide, and the oxygen from the trees and the plants. The moisture content from the sea, the use of unnatural gages, pollution, greenhouse gases and other particles.

Natural Causes of Climate Change
1. Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic Eruption
There have been many major volcanic eruptions in the past. When the volcanoes erupt they emit carbon oxide, sulphur, ashes, dust, soot, viruses, and aerosols. These all affect the balance of the temperature mingling with the solar radiation.

These aerosols may block the sunlight particles and cause a cooling effect which might last for around 1 to 2 years. The 3 major volcanic eruptions in the world history occurred on Indonesia’s Mount Tambora in 1816, in Krakatau in Indonesia in 1883 and in the Philippines in Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Severely cold years with snow and hail followed after these eruptions.
2. Plate Movements
These movements also referred to as tremors in the earth's surface or more commonly known as the Earthquakes also cause climate change. The movement of these tectonic plates is sometimes very less that not even felt while sometimes very severe that it shakes the whole region.

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This movement causes a change in the earth longitudes and latitudes typically moving the area over time. The greatest example of this is that the coal mines were formed in the tropical areas some millions of years ago but today they are found in the high latitude areas.

These plates causes a change in the oceanic and atmospheric air and the climate of different regions.
3. The Changes in The Solar Radiation
This is also a natural phenomenon which occurs in some years time. Millions of years ago there were dinosaurs as inhabitants on earth but then they became extinct no one knows the exact reason for it (however, a huge meteor striking the Earth is the most acknowledged reason).

There was also an ice age millions of years ago which is also said to come again in the future after some thousands of years. The fact is that there are sunspots in the sun which change after 11 years which cause an increase or decrease in the radiation of the sun.

These sunspots suppress the heat, thus causing more heat in the surrounding areas.

Man Made Causes
The greenhouse gases which deplete the ozone layer include carbon oxide, sulphur dioxide, then aerosols gases and other hazardous chemicals and gaseous compounds. These gases are released in greater amounts into the atmosphere through man-made activities.

  1. The increase in the industrial work and combination of factories which leads to the burning of fossil fuels and other chemicals from industries releases hazardous gases into the atmosphere.
  2. Due to technological development there is increase in the number of transport and machinery which also emits carbon monoxide from the different means of transport available.
  3. The burning of different chemicals and also plastic bags which releases harmful gases which cannot be decomposed.
  4. The cutting down of trees and greenery, which is the main ingredient for absorbing carbon dioxide. The lesser the greenery the more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  5. The increase in pollution from residential areas and transport and industries.
  6. The use of different aerosol sprays in agricultural lands and also in the chemical industries. The agricultural industry uses the chemical spray on the plants.
  7. The extensive use of natural resources forms the earth.
  8. The usage and wastage of too much water.

Effects of Climate Change on Earth
The effects of climate change are a lot detrimental than you can imagine. The increase in the temperature is leading to a hotter earth. Scientists have researched that the earth is now 1.4F hotter than it was around 100 years before and this would steadily rise to 11F in another 100 years time.

This may seem like a small number but it has drastic effects. the major effect is that hotter regions have become hotter and the colder regions are becoming warmer.

The effects include the ice caps and glaciers have started to melt in the colder regions which have caused to sea levels to rise thus causing floods and tsunamis leading to deaths and destruction worldwide. The earth has witnessed terrible floods and tsunamis in the last 30 years which people did not even know of before.

The hotter temperature also leads to droughts in the desert areas causing the crops and agricultural products to dry out leading to food shortage. The rise in sea levels has caused many lands to get diminished due to floods.

The natural ecosystem such as the coral reefs, the forests and the natural habitats are also getting disturbed due to the climate change causing extinction and severity in weather conditions.

The Solutions
Its high time that you and everyone need to do something about the climate change because scientists have predicted that Earth will be 75% finished in the year 2050.
1. Go Chemical Free
Perhaps the biggest challenge is to stop or at least lessen the burning of fossil fuels and prevent the use of aerosols. Use fuels that conserve energy and reduce the emissions of a dangerous chemical. Industries should look for more natural solutions rather than the burning of chemicals.
2. Go Green
Encourage the growth of more trees in different habitats. Grow more and more trees, make teams with people to lessen pollution and save the greenhouse effect for another 100 years.
3. Conserve and Stop Wasting
Another important solution is to stop wasting, whether it is water, food, natural resources or just anything resourceful. Try to conserve the fossil fuels, water, and energy. The way the energy is used in this world will finish it off at a very fast rate.

Use energy efficient bulbs and lights at home and commercial buildings. Turn off the lights and water when not in use. Use less water. Go for a cleaner eating and eat more vegetables. Use less appliances and opt for fresher air. These things should be done on a personal as well commercial and industrial level.
4. Lesser Cars
The increase in the number of public transport on the roads is also detrimental. Walk whenever possible or reside beside your workplace so that you need to use transport less. Go for public transport whenever possible.
5. Use Solar Energy
Solar energy is available in abundance in hot areas and does not cause any harm. Use solar powered products in the daytime, this will conserve a lot of energy and will not cause harm in the atmosphere.
6. Recycle
Inculcate the habit of recycling so that the products do not go to waste and can be used over and over again. This will save additional costs and energy as well as save for the future.

What Is The Real Solution of Climate Change
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