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Effects And Consequences Of Alcohol Consumption

Effects Of Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol is a drug, a substance that affects the mind and body; a drug that is harder to say NO because its consumption is a social custom. Drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation is not initially a problem for the body, but “passing".
The only truth is that, as with any other drug, consuming alcoholic beverages has consequences and very adverse effects in the short, medium and long-term, even with the consumption of small quantities.
In small quantities, you can:
  • Disturbing reason and judgment. False sense of security.
  • Delay reflexes.
  • Difficulty speech and muscle control.
  • Cause loss of balance.
  • Decrease visual and auditory acuity.
  • Relax and reduce anxiety.
  • Difficulty in the ability to react.
  • Disinhibit, provoke the false sense of euphoria, loquacity.
  • Irritating the walls of the stomach and intestine.
  • Causes nausea and vomiting due to irritation and injury to the stomach walls.
  • Alter the absorption of nutrients necessary for the body, especially B vitamins.
  • Dilate or expand the capillaries of the skin.

The consequences of alcohol can be perceived from the first second. Drinking alcohol has immediate effects from the first glass. Whatever the frequency, drinking favors risk behaviors, and there are occasions (increasingly frequent) in which alcohol is present as the cause of work accidents, traffic, altercation, violence and aggression, vandalism ...

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According to different parameters, such as the amount of alcohol, family history, health status, a frequency of consumption, etc., consuming alcohol in large quantities will lead to suffering as devastating consequences as those detailed here:
Loss of knowledge.
Difficulty breathing.
Causing death by ethyl coma, respiratory paralysis, and cardiovascular compromise.

Effects And Consequences Of Alcohol Consumption


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