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How To Detect A Manipulative Person(How To Stop It)

How To Detect A Manipulative Person
                Manipulation! Seems like a broad term, doesn’t it? But the ugly truth is that it is all around you now. You do not need to get paranoid and start doubting everyone. A manipulative person is like a veiled person who will communicate with you through their veil and when you leave will reveal their true face.

Why Is There Manipulation?

Now the first thing that will come into your point is why is there manipulation and why you? Well the answer is simple: they have interests in your interests and they manipulate you to gain undeserved profit, or popularity or position. It is not just you but every individual faces manipulative people in life at one point or another.

Detection of a Manipulative Person

When you are in an office or a student group, you face all kinds of people, some will be your friends, some enemies, while some will be plain jealous of you. Manipulative people will act innocent and hurt, while they are the black sheep. Healthy social interactions and relationships are important in life but unhealthy relationships have a negative impact.

Listed below are 7 characteristics of a manipulative person, through which you can easily detect them.

1. Behavior Patterns

Notice the behavior patterns of individuals. If a person you do not know suddenly compliments you out of anywhere, or becomes extra friendly, then do not take it as a positive sign, instead, do not give the advantage of triumph to that person and stay unaffected by the attention.

2. Selfish

A manipulative person will only think about his or her own interests and other people or their thoughts would be of no interest to them.

3. Playing With Weaknesses

Manipulative people are really good at playing with other people’s weaknesses, and if they detect your weakness, they will use it against you to manipulate you in achieving their interests.

4. Blame Game

A manipulative person will easily put the blame on others and act innocent and defensive, although they are the culprit. If you face a situation where you have not done anything but have been manipulated and the blame is on you then just run away from that person.

5. Sweet Talk

A manipulative person in skilled in sweet talking and buttering, so if you're being sweet-talked into something which is against your will, then do not fall for it. They will pressurize you and sway you with their talks.

6. Power

A manipulative person just wants power and he will see you as a staircase to reach that point of power. If you feel you are being used by a person at their own will, then that is a manipulative person. They will give you the silent treatment, cry in front of you, and hurt you deliberately and will make you feel that it is happening because of your own fault.

7. Backbiting

They are generally backstabber. Backbiters speak sweetly in front of you while talking bad about you to others behind your back.

How To Stop Them?

Once you detect these signs or spot even one of them, you need to follow these steps in order to stop falling in their prey.

  • Ignore them completely as this will weaken their power.
  • Do not give in to their demands and make them feel victorious.
  • Stop all sorts of communication or work with them.
  • Do not let them take advantage of your weaknesses, turn them into your strengths.
This way you will be able to avoid these manipulative people and not let them take advantage of you.

How To Detect A Manipulative Person,How To Stop It

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