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How To Really Know If You Are Healthy Or Not?

How To Really Know If You Are Healthy Or Not?
                This article may seem funny to you as you are walking and doing all your work, so yes, you are healthy in all forms. But the question is, are you really healthy? Or will you retain the same health in the future?

Your body communicates with you in subtle signs, which you may not even notice, as time passes, these signs turn into big illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, and bone problems. Then it strikes to you, that how did this happen.

Are You Healthy?

There are certain signs to check and ways to find out if your body is actually healthy or not. If you keep a close check on these signs, then chances are that you defeat the illness before it even comes. These telltale signs are important for a healthy living.

1. Sleep Patterns

Your sleeping pattern is a big sign that shows whether you are healthy or not. If you are sleeping soundly throughout the night, that is around 8 to 9 hours of sleep and you wake up well rested, then it shows you are healthy. But, if you cannot sleep easily and wake up often during the night, or face insomnia and wake up tired, then you are not healthy.

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2. Urine and Bowel

If your urine is generally clear or light yellow, then it is a sign of a healthy body. A dark yellow or concentrated urine is not a good sign. If the urine is dark in color, then you need to increase the intake of fluids. For your bowel movements, if you are passing stool regularly and it's not bloody, lose or you face difficulty in passing then it means you are eating properly and the food is being digested properly.

3. Anxiety

If you are constantly anxious or depressed, get regular mood swings or your temperament and behavior are changed, then it is not a good sign. Anxiety and depression can, later on, give birth to many diseases such as heart problems and osteoporosis. Anxiety can also be a cause of thyroid problems and changes in hormone levels.

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4. Weight Loss

If you are constantly underweight or weight starts to decrease without any change in eating patterns, then you should definitely refer to a doctor. Vice versa, if your weight has started to increase suddenly and you are becoming obese without changing your eating patterns then it could be due to thyroid, diabetes and even bone problems.

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5. Nails

You may not know but nails tell a lot about your health. If your nails are white then it could indicate liver issues, yellowish nails can indicate diabetes and lung problems. Nails with a white patch could indicate a deficiency of calcium and iron. Weak and easy to break nails mean thyroid issues, while unnaturally thin nails with rugged surface mean arthritis problems. Surely, you will be checking your nails right now.

6. BMI

Every 3 months or so you need to get your BMI or Body Mass Index checked by a doctor, also your heart rate, pulse rate, and your blood pressure to see whether your rate lies in the healthy range or not. 

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These were some ways to get to know if you are really healthy or not. If you notice anything weird or unusual, it is best to get it checked by a doctor right away and not ignore the symptoms.
How To Really Know If You Are Healthy Or Not?

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