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Millennials Approach to Relationships

Millennials Approach to Relationships
As kids, we were told fairy tales of how Prince Charming and Cinderella met, fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. Those stories actually made us dream about love and relationships but amongst all who read and listened to the “Happily Ever After” stories, only a few millennials have had such experience.

It has been observed that relationships between young people fail greatly because of their approach. In the nineteen and early twentieth century, marriages lasted for a lifetime but nowadays, most marriages between young people crash immediately after the wedding ceremony.

How did all these start? Psychology says that the environment plays a great role in molding an individual’s attitude, lifestyle and perspective. A millennial child that grew up in a home where his parents’ relationship was dominated with abuse, lies, infidelity and drug addiction would probably replicate those attributes in his/her relationship.

The advancement in technological devices and social media communication have actually caused harm to our relationships as these tend to replace the attention and one on one communication between couples. In this blog, we shall be analyzing the different ways millennials approach relationships.

1) No Love, No Marriage:
Falling in love before marriage isn’t much of a bad idea but that doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship. During the time of our grandparents, love wasn’t a criterion for marriage as they got married to strangers but the Y generation came along with the “I must be in love” drama.

No Love No Marriage
Have you ever wondered why two young people who were in love, suddenly turn into worst enemies during the relationship? Love should act as a foundation of a relationship but the main issue is how to keep the love from waning overtime.

Besides, in most cases between young people, lust is misinterpreted for love and such love dies immediately after gratifying her needs.

2) Online Dating:
Due to the existence of thousands of dating sites and social media platforms, it has become very easier to start up an online relationship with just anyone and at any time. No doubt, a good number of persons have met their better half through those platforms while others have had their hearts shattered.

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Online dating is easier as it helps couples overcome the distance barrier but one major disadvantage is that individuals can easily hide their true identity and flaws on such platform. He might sound and act as a darling over the internet but in reality, he’s a devil.

Irrespective of the shortcomings of online relationships, young people still stick to it because they spend most of their time on the internet.

3) No Sex, No Relationship:
It is very difficult to find young people in a relationship that aren’t having sex. No! No! The “No Premarital Sex” message seems to be dying over the years as these people see sex as a “must” component in their relationship.

Some parents actually encourage their millennial to be involved in premarital sex but would advise that they use contraceptives. Who dared such in the 19th century?

4) Poor Communication:
You might assume that with the invention of different online platforms, communication in relationship might become easier. That isn’t completely true. Online texting could sometimes portray the wrong tones which would lead to misunderstanding between couples.

On the other hand, one on one conversation has a way of transmitting emotions between couple as the eye and bodily gestures are easily understood.

5) Gender Roles: 
Kenny, 34, dated Jessica for a couple of years. He was so much in love with her but couldn’t express it because of his introvert nature.

Jessica on the other hand loved him but was always sad about his attitude towards her. They had been together for nine years but he’s yet to propose marriage to her. She needed to know his plans for the relationship but each time she asked him about it, he wouldn’t say anything. So one day, she set up a date and proposed marriage to him. Guess what? He accepted and thanked her for taking the step he was too shy to take.

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The Y generation has actually reversed the gender roles. Gone are those days when a woman would feel so shy about acquainting her man of her marriage or sex intentions. Things are easier this way as unnecessary pretense and delay in relationships are avoided.

6) Little or No Commitment:
A good number of the Y generation youth prefer hook ups to serious and committed relationships. In hooking up, the quality sex and numerous orgasm had would not determine commitment.

Little Commitment
When they start a relationship, you will find more of text, call, hook up, make out, break up and move on. Some of these individuals start new relationships immediately after the end of the previous.

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They attach little or no relevance to their partner as they often feel that there is always someone better out there.

I wouldn’t blame them for such attitude because they might have had their hearts broken when they sought for true and long lasting relationships.

7) Work! Work! Work
Unlike in the olden days where women were meant to stay at home and cater for their children and husbands, millennial women are involved in a 24/7 working schedule, building their careers and achieving professional successes. Although, this is good but it sometimes affects the millennial woman’s relationship negatively.

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In her pursuit for financial independence, she might pay little or no attention to making her relationship work. Also, on actualization of all her financial goals, she might become pompous and disrespectful. Meanwhile, the millennial man seeks for a humble and respectful partner.

Despite the wealth and professional accomplishments of a millennial woman, she often suffers from loneliness, anxiety, low self-worth and fear of being single forever. This attitude is also portrayed in some millennial men who turn into workaholics after having series of heartbreak in relationship.

The millennial generation may be dissatisfied with modern dating but they are optimistic about finding long lasting relationship. They are often open to diversity which has broadened their views on what a happy marriage should be. In a bid to finding satisfaction, they are constantly changing their beliefs about gender roles and supporting gay and interracial marriages.
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Millennials Approach to Relationships

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