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Top 17 Amazing Little Known Facts About Sleep

Amazing Facts about sleep 
Sleep is often associated with something mysterious, but to demystify everything, we present you with a good list of Amazing facts about sleep. Some are going to make you laugh while some others will probably aid you to understand your sleep problems.

#1. Let's start with some good news: It should take ten to fifteen minutes to fall asleep.
If you fall asleep faster than that, it's not necessarily a good sign: it means you're sleeping deficient.
#2. The symptoms of sleep deprivation may appear after only 17 hours of awakening.
You should think twice before spending a sleepless night to complete a major project.
#3. According to sharecare Lack of sleep can stimulate your appetite.
This is due to the drop in the level of leptin, a hormone that controls appetite, in a situation of sleep deprivation.
#4. In the very 17th century, it was natural for people to get up in the middle of the night to perform certain tasks (e.g., reading or praying).
#5. Before color television appeared, most people dreamed in black and white. 
Today, most people dream in color (not black and white).

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#6. Even while sleeping, dolphins and whales always have half of their brains active.
Apparently, many animals manage to keep half of their brain awake even while they sleep.

#7. Blind people with no light perception often have difficulty sleeping according to a report on bostonglobe.
This is explained by the dependence of the circadian rhythm on daylight to function well.
#8. There is no perfect amount of sleep that would suit all of us. All the same, people who sleep between 6.5 and 7.5 hours each night live longer than others.
#9. Some have committed crimes while asleep.
Everyone knows about sleepwalking, but do you know about parasomnia? This condition causes unnatural movements and has already led to people committing murder.
#10. One in four couples is in bed.
Do you remember old episodes of I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ricardo each had their own bed? Many couples do the same.
#11. We forget half of our dreams after 5 minutes of awakening.
If you want to remember your dreams, it's better to keep a notebook on your bedside table and write everything when you wake up!
#12. A study at livescience revealed that video game enthusiasts are more likely to be able to control their dreams.
This is called lucid dreams.
#13. Studying all night does not help.
We see them so regularly on TeleVision, but studying all night reduces the ability to study and remember new things.
#14. Sleeping on your stomach can help digestion, and sleeping on your side can reduce heartburn.

#15. Your sleeping position reflects your personality.

#16. Snoring is the most constant cause of sleep disorder.

#17. Humans are the only animals that automatically adjourn their bedtime.
I assume you didn’t understood a whole lot regarding sleep before you read this, right? Most of the facts about sleep truly shocked me! I really hope you’ve understood something new with regards to sleep. Now that you know all these facts, maybe you will enjoy your time spent in the arms of Morpheus!

Top 17 Amazing Little Known Facts About Sleep

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