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What Happens To Your Body When You Die?

Many people ask themselves thousands of questions daily. This includes one of the most WTF questions, that is what happens to our bodies when we die?

What Happens To Your Body When You Die 
Undoubtedly, this is a very good question that today we will respond, based on many research and experiments that have made scientists to answer this question so curiously.

Well, the moment a person dies, the first thing that stops is the heart and the brain stops working. This in turn, causes muscles and sphincters to relax, and so the blood stops circulating.

As blood also affects the force of gravity, obviously, it falls, or this would be the case if we were standing, but, as it is more logical to suppose that we are lying down, the blood of our body is accumulated in the back area). What Happens To Your Body When You Die 
In this circumstance, we would have a cold-like feeling (creepy right?), consequently of which the blood no longer moves by distributing heat throughout our body. The temperature takes a drastic turn and descends, adding to that our healthy skin tones foam and we have a pale color, while our skin begins to see purple in the areas that descends and accumulates the blood.

Remember that logically as we are dead, we cannot breathe, so our body has no oxygen and the cells cannot perform the correct ATP production.

What Happens To Your Body When You Die 
However, they continue their activity for a couple of minutes while releasing the CO2 that accumulates inside them and in turn increase the PH while releasing digestive enzymes to the cell membranes.
This causes the cell to begin to be digested from the outside to the inside, a process commonly known as Autolysis. The organs suffering in this process are; the brain and the liver. A very curious fact is that the liver is the organ that stays warm longer, that is why this organ is used by forensic to diagnose what was the exact time of death.

What Happens To Your Body When You Die 
After a day, the temperature of the body falls completely, which causes the "Rigor mortis" to appear. This causes the muscles to tighten for about twenty-four hours. This is produced due to two fibrous proteins, such as Actin and Myosin, that when we die, these are responsible for causing the rigidity of the body because its ligaments are rendered useless.

From that moment, our body begins to be affected by the organisms with which we had lived in peace until the date of the death. That is, that set of microorganisms that are located in a normal way in different parts of the human body.

An example of this is the intestinal Flora; it is uncontrolled and begins to spread throughout the body. In short, what these do, is to devour each of our tissues, while feeding on the damaged cells and our matter, bound to all this during the process of decomposition, due to the fermentation of the body's sugars, give rise to CH4, H2S and NH3 gases.

After all this process, it is the turn of insects like beetles, flies and others, which are meat eaters. These lay their eggs in the body. When you leave, your work is almost finished (WTF).

What Happens To Your Body When You Die 
Over the years, the proteins with which bones are formed also break down. This causes that only the mineral part known as the Hydroxyapatite begins to disappear with time, becoming dust.

It is incredible and interesting how much we do not know what will happen to us now of our death, so if someone asks you, you know the process that we humans spend when we die.

We take the opportunity to tell you that life is one, live it, enjoy it, but always be aware of things and attitudes before taking them.

Knowing all this, I want you to tell me what you think of this amazing subject, that we omit some process? What do you think is the most amazing of all these processes?

What Happens To Your Body When You Die?

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