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7 Things Experts Says Your Dog Detests - Dog Expert

Things Dogs detests
Pets give us unconditional love, they do not care how we look or what we think, they will always be our friends and therefore we have to treat them accordingly. Surely you show much love to your pet. However, there are things that seem nice, but that bother your dog. Do you want to know what they are?

#1. Too Many Hugs
It’s good to love your dog and prove it physically; it sounds strange though, these animals do not like hugs, according to research on, since for them to put their legs on another being, means something like fighting or a way of establishing domination.

Your pet may tolerate it, but it’s still stressful, and in some cases, there may be an inconvenient reaction, so do not do it.

#2. Speak Without Gesturing

Dogs GestureIt’s proven that dogs can feel their master's emotions according to the tone of voice, but they cannot understand your words. The communication between dog and master is given by non-verbal language, so when speaking to them, try to express as much as you can by gesturing.

They will understand you even by the way you look at them.

#3. Bathe It Often Dog bathingDogs need to bathe, that unless you want to withstand the smell when they spend months without knowing the soap and water, but they do not require a bath as often as a human, only when necessary.

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Look at what they like and dislike, use products developed for dogs (the normal human shampoo or soap is not good) and try to turn it into a game. Each dog has his preferences: warm water in the tub or running and playing in the yard, find which one you like the most.

#4. Dress Them Unnecessarily Dogs dressed It may be that your Pug looks cute with his vest in winter, but a lot of dogs hate clothes (unless it's yours and they're eating it). One of my dogs lost its balance when I tried to dress it in winter.

The truth is that the dog’s fur supposes a natural thermal barrier to tolerate the different climates. It’s unnecessary for a Husky or a St. Bernard to be seen wearing a vest or sweater when their fur is all they need.

However, there are breeds of dogs that have a lower tolerance to low temperatures, which is why the use of clothing could be a wise decision.

#5. Hurry Up On The Rides And Let Strangers Touch It
The senses of dogs are very powerful, so if your pet stopped to examine something while you walk it’s because it detected some signal. Therefore, forcing him to stop exploring and decoding sensory information is stressful for your pet.

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Also, a dog that looks tender and friendly will always attract attention and strangers will come to caress him and touch his head, which they do not like at all since they see it as a way to intimidate them. Imagine if someone did that to you.

#6. Loud Noises And Screams
A study here shown that the dog’s ears are sensitive, loud noises like loud music and, especially, fireworks make their ears hurt. If you know that a fireworks festival is coming, it's time for a walk to a quiet place where they do not feel them.

#7. Lack Of Routine And Structure

Dogs picnicA dog is not a baby (please do not drive it), but it still requires a routine that makes him feel calm. Feed it at the same time always and do the same with the rides. It does not have to be exact, but it must be constant.

If you're going to get mad because your dog was in your favorite chair, then do not encourage him to get up from time to time. They need to learn what is right and what is wrong at home and that is achieved with training.

Finally, having a dog is a commitment and, if you do not have time for him, you better not adopt one, since you will not be doing him any favor just by giving him a roof. Take care of him, give him love and make him part of your family.

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7 Things Experts Says Your Dog Detests

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