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8 Extreme Attractions To Blow Your Mind

In this article, you will find the eight attractions that amaze everyone today. Its speed, height and rarity will surprise you. Let's start this trip.

Giant Wheel

At some point in our lives, we have all climbed in an endless incredible attractions, be it the carousel or the wheel of fortune, or the well-known Roller coaster. In this opportunity, we bring you a set of attractions that are incredibly extreme, if you ever visit any of the countries in which these attractions are located, our advice is that you visit them because you will love them.

#8 Zumanjaro Drop of Doom

This attraction is one of the most recognized in the world. It is located in New Jersey and is one of the most visited attractions by tourists. It is structured based on an extreme Roller coaster. In Zumanjaro Drop of Doom, you go up to 126 meters height, after a few moments, they leave you and a group of people as they reach 144Km / h.

Zumanjaro Drop of Doom

This mountain is so high, that if the sky is very clear (without clouds) you can clearly see the center of Philadelphia.

#7 Gatekeeper

In the seventh place, we find a game that is located in Ohio. It is considered one of the extremist’s roller coasters in the world; this mountain is very different from the common roller coasters we are used to seeing. In this attraction, the wagons turn up to 180 Grams, noting that the summit is 54 meters high, which in turn causes it to have a free fall of 49 meters towards the ground.


Without doubts, this is one of the main attractions for climbing right now.

#6 Formula Rossa

From number 6, we have a terrifying roller coaster that is on a Ferrari in a Formula 1 competition. This has never seen before, impressive falls, within which you can reach 240Km / h.

Formula Rossa

It is so fast that it is very necessary to wear glasses when riding, otherwise dust and insects can hit your eyes and they cannot hurt you, it is located in Abu Dhabi.

#5 Big Shot

It is considered one of the highest extreme attractions in the world, measuring 329 meters. In this attraction, you will feel a drop of 70Km / h, we can place it in a casino hotel that is located in Las Vegas, which is known as the Stratosphere (Insanity).

Big Shot

This casino is very famous for its wild attractions. This is Insanity, this is a mechanical claw that is 300 meters high, it was inaugurated in 2005, being the second highest attraction in the world, it rotates circularly as it opens little by little, and it is one of the attractions designed specifically for lovers of heights and risk.

#4 Skyscraper

Would you like to ride on a slipper that makes you feel like you're flying high in the sky?


We tell you that it is already possible in the glass slider, this attraction opened its doors to the public on October 29, 2016 measures 13M in length while having 305Mts above the ground, is located in the US Bank Tower lasting only a few seconds , which for many is a long time for how terrifying it looks.

This experience is unique, since there is nowhere in the world, such a short but terrifying attraction in a business tower. Enjoy it.

#3 Kingda Ka

The route of the Kingda Ka is usually very short, but relatively disturbing. This attraction takes you up to 139Mts in height, and from there it gives you a free fall in which you can reach 206 Km / h.

Kingda Ka

However, many visitors often say that it is one of the best experiences ever. It is located in New Jersey.

#2 X- Scream

In this case, we have X- scream located among the first three highest attractions in the world located next to Insanty, located at 264 meters high.

X- Scream

In this attraction you can put your nerves to the test, since it consists of swinging in a cart from front to back if you notice, which gives the feeling that you are falling to the precipice of attraction.

#1 Manta

Finally, the long awaited number 1, in which we have Manta Roller Coaster. This incredible attraction is a roller coaster, but it is not a single mountain. This mountain works in a way contrary to the roller coasters that we all know, which in turn makes feel that you will hit the floor at all times, when you get up the participants go head on as they go through endless parts that are ponds where they can see different types of fish.


Although at the speed at which people go, we doubt very much that it is possible to see and admire the different fish that are there, it has been running since 2009, and it is located in Orlando-Florida, according to experts this is the roller coaster more terrifying of the whole world.

These are undoubtedly some of the best extreme attractions in the world; leave us your opinion, would you dare to get on one of them? We hope you like this content.

8 Extreme Attractions To Blow Your Mind

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