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10 Celebrities With Poor Origin That Triumphed Via Hard Work

It is true that there are people who have had it easier than others, but being born into a family with money is not synonymous with success. Most people who succeed in life are people who work hard and go out looking for an opportunity according to a report on stephenguise, because luck cannot find you idle at home, but fighting for your future on the street.

Here you have the 10 celebrities of humble origin who triumphed due to their perseverance.

#1. Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry was born into an unstructured family in Cleveland, Ohio. His father was a violent man who abused his mother for years, and that marked her childhood.

The beginnings are not easy, and nobody becomes an actress overnight, so when the young Berry moved to New York in 1989 to try her luck, she spent all her savings before finding a role.

Desperate and without money, the young woman survived thanks to the help and food provided to her in the shelter for homeless. A few weeks later she got her first part in a television series.

#2. Jay Z

Today the name of rapper, producer and entrepreneur Jay Z is synonymous with success and wealth, but it was not always so. Before triumphing, Shawn Corey Carter, as he's called, was born in 1969 in the poorest part of Brooklyn, New York surrounded by misery and delinquency.

He acknowledged ashamed that in his early days he trafficked with drugs to get ahead on the vanityfair website.

#3. Leonardo Dicaprio

After the presentation of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio was sincere with the cameras talking about his childhood in Hollywood.

Apparently, the young man grew up surrounded by the luxury and the decadence of the cinema, including all the drug and prostitution that moves behind the scenes.

#4. Jim Carrey

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey grew up in Newmarket, Canada as a normal child until his family went through serious financial problems and had to drop out of school at age 15 to work as a janitor and take care of the family.

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His career as an actor was full of challenges, failing badly in his first performances before the public. Over time the family situation improved and Carrey was able to give himself to polish his technique and improve his artistic skills, a time very well invested in judging by the success he later obtained as a comedian.

#5. Oprah Winfrey

The daughter of a single teenage mother, Oprah grew up in the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the cities of Mississippi and Milwaukee where she was sexually assaulted when she was still a child.

Today she is a true tycoon of the American media thanks to the support and advice of her grandmother, who encouraged her as a child to develop her skills to speak in public.

#6, JK Rowling

Today JK Rowling is one among the wealthiest women in England, but in the past had to survive, thanks to the social aid that the government sought. Abandoned by her husband, she had to raise her son as a single mother.

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Rowling began writing after overcoming a severe depression, which she confessed was instrumental in inspiring aspects of the life of Harry Potter and his magical universe.

#7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Although the actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up in a fairly affluent family in Austria, when he immigrated to the United States, he had almost nothing.

In the late 60's he began to work as a bricklayer to pay for his career as a bodybuilder, a muscular body that would help him to get his first roles and to triumph on the big screen.

#8. Eminem

Rapper Eminem is today one of the most influential and successful artists of the last decades, but his origins were not easy. Eminem was raised in an unstable home, his mother and him being welcomed into various relatives home when his father abandoned them.

Although he lived in Michigan and Missouri, much of his youth was spent in Detroit, where he was often intimidated by bands that populated his neighborhood.

In his adolescence, he began to rake in the open microphone sessions that were celebrated in the periphery of the city, being discriminated in a predominantly African-American industry.

#9. Joan Rivers

The one who was one of the greatest representatives of luxury, cosmetic surgery and Hollywood glamor, Joan Rivers said on latimes that her career was nowhere, began her career as a comedian in clubs and strip clubs.

#10. Selma Blair

Although she grew up in a normal family in Detroit, when Selma Blair went to New York she was forced to beg to get ahead. At the age of 20 and out of money, she spent many nights in “the Salvation Army Shelter" before becoming one of America's greatest indie film actresses.

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Lastly, we often lament our fate and condition, thinking that success will come to us someday, as if it were something that you find on the street. You can have talent, strength, and creativity, but you have to show it to the world, despite the difficulties you encounter in your way.

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10 Celebrities With Poor Origin That Triumphed Via Hard Work

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