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The 10 Most Interesting Facts About Coffee

The coffee is a drink that gets used to any time of day and that many things have been said about its possible effects and benefits. Most medical studies suggest that taking it in moderation should not represent any harm, however, let's know the 10 most interesting facts about coffee.

#1. Time.com showed that coffee improves exercise: There are studies that have shown that in small doses, caffeine can help athletes to exercise a third more than usual.

#2. Pregnant women who drink coffee: Although during pregnancy you should not drink coffee in excess, there are also studies that indicate that it’s not harmful to drink at least 200 mg of coffee.

#3. Coffee prevents cancer: This is a possibility according to the University of Rutger that found a correlation between exercise and caffeine with the destruction of pre-cancerous cells.

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#4. Cardiovascular diseases: It’s not known exactly if this is true. However, regular consumption is associated with a lower risk of suffering from these diseases.

#5. Energy drinks: Contrary to what is thought this type of drinks does not have higher levels of caffeine than the coffee itself and its energy impact is higher.

#6. Ulcers: Although its consumption increases the levels of acidity in the stomach, ulcers are caused by bacterial infections.

#7. Memory: The science news showed that regular coffee consumption improves temporary memory by increasing brain activity.

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#8. Antioxidants: At present, coffee is considered the main source of antioxidants in the Americans diet.

#9. Gallstones: A study by Harvard University showed that women who consumed 4 cups of coffee a day were 25% less likely to undergo surgery for this condition.

#10. Muscle pain: The coffeedetective has also proved that consuming coffee before exercise helps to reduce muscle pain.

Scientific Curiosities About Coffee

Caffeine Can Kill You

Surely you have ever heard this statement: coffee can be deadly. But for this, you would have to drink between 80 and 100 cups, say health experts. It’s not advisable to try it. In September 2015, the Food and Drug Administration warned of the dangers of caffeine powder, a potent product that recently began to gain popularity.

Caffeine Can Affect You When You Sleep

Health experts advise avoiding coffee for 6 hours before going to bed since the effects of caffeine can last for hours. A 2015 study found that caffeine can confuse the body's internal clock, confusing signals that indicate when to sleep. Night shift workers may notice how coffee taken during work hours disturbs sleep during the day.

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Caffeine May Increase Female Sexual Desire

This hypothesis was tested with rats only, but researchers say that in humans, coffee could improve the sexual experience, but only among people who do not usually drink it on a regular basis.

Finally, a large number of studies conducted recently found that coffee is good for the liver, can reduce the risk of heart attacks, could reduce the risk of colon cancer and, as reported in some magazine, One to five cups a day can reduce the risk of early death. A study published recently in newsweek says that coffee is associated with a lower risk of multiple sclerosis (MS).

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The 10 Most Interesting Facts About Coffee

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